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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Restoring Health and Hope

By Sarah Crane December is the gateway to the New Year: the time for reflecting on the activities of the past year, and calculating achievable New Years Resolutions. My most touching and treasured experiences this past year were a result of time spent in the nonprofit sector with the HOW Foundation. The Help Our Wounded Foundation of South Florida (HOW …

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Holiday Season and Those With Hearing Loss

“For many of the millions of hearing impaired Americans, but especially the 27 million living with untreated hearing loss, the holidays may not be all that happy,” says Audiologist Cindy Beyer. Dr. Beyer, Senior Vice President of HearUSA, said studies have linked hearing loss to stress, frustration, and social isolation, “which can easily be intensified at holiday gatherings with families …

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Golf: Myths and Truths About Injuries

Myth vs. Truth Myth-The more you play and harder you try, the better you get. Truth-Over 80% of golfers suffer injuries from overuse. Myth-endurance is the physical ability to withstand the duration of an entire golf game. Truth-endurance also relates to the endurance of mental focus for the duration of an entire golf game, which is lost due to fatigue. …

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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

According to experts, the highest crime rate of the year is during the holiday season. Consider the following safety tips this shopping season to better protect yourself: Leave your purse at home. Take a small amount of money or 1 credit card with you and your ID. Place these items in a small wallet and tuck them safely inside your …

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A Proven Protocol for Children and Adults

By Dr. Annalee Kitay Children who have learning difficulties or children who are exceptional or Neurodevelopmentaly challenged (or both), in one intellectual form or another, are characterized by the fact that they do not learn in the ordinary way. These children are usually given conventional help and an effort is made to support them in coping with the educational and …

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Look Into My Eyes

By Ronna L. Clements, Natural Health & Wellness Innovator If I could look into your eyes without ever having met you before, and say something about the state of your health that you knew in fact was true, would you be intrigued? Upon looking into your eyes, if I stated you tended to be a nervous person who seemed to …

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4 Steps to Treating Hair Loss

By Dr. Alan J. Bauman About 80 million men and women in the U.S. suffer from some degree of hair loss. Luckily, thanks to years of research, clinical trials, new technologies and state-of-the-art therapies, in most cases, hair loss is a treatable condition. For patients considering seeking treatment for hair loss, here is a look at what the treatment process …

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Health and Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

By Daniela Dadurian, M.D. The holiday times are such great time for bringing people together, however life sometimes has a different agenda and we get rerouted to the road of exhaustion. Our lives are so busy, schedules get so full trying to prepare for parties and buying presents that we tend to forget about ourselves. Gearing up for a busy …

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Retinal Tear and Retinal Detachment

By Lauren R. Rosecan, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.S. The retina is the light-sensitive tissue lining the back of our eye. Light rays are focused onto the retina through our cornea, pupil and lens. The retina converts the light rays into impulses that travel through the optic nerve to our brain, where they are interpreted as the images we see. A healthy, …

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Testosterone linked to Health Concerns in Men


Low testosterone has long been the bane of many men’s existence. It wreaks havoc with your sex drive, causes hair loss, makes you tired and can even change your personality and cause depression. However many men may not realize there are many health issues associated with low testosterone. It is important to understand the health issues that can be caused …

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Overwhelmed? Anxious? Burned Out?


A powerful drug-free method and technology can help By Tina Landeen, LCSW and Michael Cohen, Founder, CBT – You don’t have to live with chronic anxiety, or with feelings of being overwhelmed or burned out. There’s something new that can change how you feel. This new technology literally helps you feel better, less stressed, and able to handle your everyday …

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The Arrival

By Brent Myers, Pastor of Community Life Palm Beach Community Church Ho you ever find yourself in what seems like a hopeless situation? Is your life so hectic that you wish for just a moment of peace? Do you wish you laughed more, stopped to smell the roses, and enjoyed life more easily? Are relationships in your life broken – …

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Forever Young: 5 Ways Treating Hearing Loss Can Revitalize Your Life

Listen up, boomers: Do you want to stay active? Vibrant? Socially engaged? Professionally successful? Most of us do. So maybe it’s time to do something about your hearing. Chances are, if you’re like many baby boomers, you’ve rocked your way through your fair share of concerts, night clubs, and ear-blasting parties. And you’ve enjoyed years of other noisy recreational activities …

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What People Always Ask About Health, Wellness, and Longevity…

The Facility - Personal Training

By Fred Steinberg, DVNS Master Trainer, The Facility for Personal Training As well as being the Owner of the Facility, Mr. Steinberg is a 64 year old fitness expert who has been on numerous radio talk shows, television, and has written many articles on fitness and health. How much time would I have to spend at a gym to stay …

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How Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Help You?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

By Sarah Crane Those of you who read last month’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) column on healing skin grafts are aware of the medical definition of hyperbaric oxygen therapy: oxygen administered to a patient in a pressurized environment. The treatment is painless and only involves one medical drug: Oxygen. This article hopes to help educate people about how HBOT can …

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How to Detoxify and Lose Inches

Lose Inches

Many people know that toxins are at the root of many diseases. Yet toxins also impact weight management. Excess toxins are stored in fatty tissue and accumulate in fat cells, adding to body mass. A healthy lifestyle helps prevent toxic overload. Avoiding and eliminating toxins isn’t complicated; there are many natural, free and inexpensive ways to detoxify and lose inches. …

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“What He Heard at the Open Window Changed History…Forever”

Open Window

By Dr. Gregory Jean-Pierre It was September 18, 1895 in Davenport, Iowa, a night that changed history forever. That night, a janitor named Harvey Lillard, stopped to talk with D.D. Palmer, a doctor who was working late in his building. Lillard told Palmer that 17 years ago he had bent over, heard a “pop” from his back, and went almost …

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Hair Care Tips to Leave Your Hair Saying “Thank You”

Hair Care Tips

By Dr. Alan J. Bauman Are you tired of fighting frizz? Do you constantly struggle with split ends and breakage? Is your hair care regimen putting your locks at risk of damage, and possibly even hair loss? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it may be time to do something nice for your hair. Instead of …

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What Is Uveitis?

By Lauren R. Rosecan, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.S. Uveitis is inflammation of the uvea, which is made up of the iris, ciliary body and choroid. Together, these form the middle layer of the eye between the retina and the sclera (white of the eye). The eye is shaped like a tennis ball, with three different layers of tissue surrounding the central …

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Men’s Health – How a Few More Whiskers Are Raising Awareness:

Few More Whiskers

Starting to notice more men sporting beards and/or mustaches? There is a good reason why. Movember Foundation started in 2004 in Melbourne, Australia as a way to raise awareness for prostate cancer and depression. Almost ten years later the idea has caught on as the cause has reached a corporate and even worldwide level in support. No doubt Facebook, Twitter, …

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