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NEURO-PERFORMANCE PROGRAMSFor many years therapy was something recommended to frail individuals who required a medically supervised exercise program to hopefully regain in part, their strength and flexibility. Typically, the therapy was preceded by a deterioration of personal abilities or a loss of function due to an acute crisis. Recent improvements to therapy programs have expanded upon the already accepted plan of care, thereby increasing the physical challenges to one’s body but the functional systems used remained the same. Any enhancement in muscular strength and skeletal movements were very dependent upon the individual’s personal determination and focus on the program. Not an ideal structure for those experiencing the multitude of disease that pose neurological limits to one’s ability to move.

The mounting challenges of living with neurologically based diseases like Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or stroke recovery led many researchers to more closely examine the underlying causes of the disease and develop new ways in which to rehab the ailing body. Becky Farley’s LSVT program was one of the first programs specifically designed for the neurologically challenged patient. Other programs include Neuro-Fit by Neuro-Fit Systems, Inc., GIGERMD Therapy and a multitude of others. These programs, while remaining limited in the availability, did result in significant breakthroughs for many.

In 2013, after many years of focusing on the neurologically based diseases, Ed Gray, OTR/L PTA and his wife, Jodi Gray, PT, formed Florida Movement Therapy Centers For Excellence. This represents the culmination of the 7 years of successful and evolving therapy at Avenue Therapy & Wellness and two years of neurologically focused therapy at the GIGERMD Movement Therapy Center. The focus of the organization is simple; offer the best, most comprehensive outpatient therapy possible for all who desire to improve their mobility for a better life and lifestyle.

The programs offered at Florida Movement Therapy Centers address the simplest to the most complex conditions in a delightful, highly energizing environment structured for success. With proprietary programs like Boxing For Balance, Neuro ED, and GIGERMD Therapy, the specially trained and certified therapists can address all the physical aspects of mobility-muscular, skeletal AND neurological. The programs at Florida Movement Therapy Centers are the first and only comprehensive programs designed to retrain the brain and develop the body to work as a whole again. Utilizing unique devices like the GIGERMD medical device, imported from Switzerland for its novel approach to neurological therapy, the patient reprograms the brain to direct movement with a “normal” pattern again. The GIGERMD medical device is exceptional in retraining the arms and legs by simply placing the patient in the most physiologically safe position and encouraging harmonious movement against varying resistance. With an equal number of revolutions forwards and backwards completed, neuroplasticity can occur.

The Boxing For Balance program encourages patients to think and act beyond their limits through atypical movement patterns. This helps develop better response times and reactions to every day challenges. Neuro ED is a combination of various training programs like Tai Chi, dance, TRX and ropes. The foundation for each of these programs further develops the four key components to enhanced neuro-performance; emotion, cognition, strength and coordination. At the completion, the patients declare they are more confident and ready to live and act independently again.

Patients who benefit from these programs include those with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis. stroke, stenosis, balance, orthopedic and gait disturbances. All together, the programs, unique devices and highly trained and certified staff will challenge you to help you meet your goals.

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