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Effective Weight Loss with Meng’s Acupuncture Medical Center

By Stephen Sedita, AP –

Effective Weight LossWeight loss is not as simple as eating less and/or exercising more. In order to lose weight the body’s waste management and digestive systems need to be functioning properly.  Most importantly to long term success the root cause of the weight gain must be addressed (stress eating, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, etc.)  According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in order for the body’s waste management system and digestive systems to be working
optimally the functional energy (qi, also pronounced as chi) needs to be flowing smoothly and the mind and body need to be in harmony.

Dr. Meng’s Weight Loss Program is based on TCM theory and years of her clinical experience.  The program not only helps with weight loss but also helps to improve sleep, improves energy, reduces stress, and promotes an overall sense of well-being.  All this is accomplished by using a combination of acupuncture, herbal formulas,
and food therapy.

In most cases weight gain is due to a combination of stress, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle which leads to what is known in TCM as stagnation and unbalance.  The modern American lifestyle blocks qi circulation, lowers overall energy, and causes many imbalances.

Treatment Program
Dr. Meng’s Weight Loss Program acupuncture points and herbs that are chosen to maximize weight loss by treating the root(s) of the imbalances that are causing the weight gain.  The herbal therapy, specially developed by Dr. Meng, works to assist the functions of the acupuncture and is especially important for detoxing the body.  The herbs work all day long every day, and are critical for achieving the best results.

In addition to strengthening digestive and waste systems, all Dr. Meng’s Weight Loss Program acupuncture treatments reduce stress and anxiety, which is critical for weight loss.  Stress works against weight in several ways.  Stress reduces the functioning of the internal organs, which in turn reduces the functioning of the body’s digestive and waste elimination abilities.  Stress also triggers the fat cells to essentially open up; resulting in increased size and number.  Many people also tend to snack or eat something to make them feel better when they’re feeling stressed and of course this results in weight gain.

From a Western perspective, Dr. Meng’s Weight Loss Program will help to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar levels, reduce stress, and improves blood circulation.

The Diet
The unfortunate fact of the matter is that the majority of people in this country have a terrible diet.  Real, natural foods have been largely replaced with highly processed food products that are loaded with artificial and unnatural chemicals and substances.  Even many ‘natural’ ingredients are not the same as they were years ago due to a variety of factors including genetic manipulation, pesticides, changing soil and environmental conditions, and newer manufacturing processes.

Ironically, instead of gaining nourishment from these so called foods, our bodies actually waste energy trying to get rid of them.  Our bodies evolved to digest natural, unprocessed whole foods and our digestive system quite frankly doesn’t know what to do with artificial and unnaturally processed ingredients.  Many artificial ingredients stress the liver, as they are recognized by the body as toxins.  This has many undesirable consequences including impaired ability of the liver to metabolize fat, which in turn leads to extra fat accumulation.

Think of our digestive system as a race car engine and the modern diet as the cheapest, worst quality fuel you use. Over time waste products quickly build up causing all kinds of problems with the engine and resulting in increasingly poor performance. In this analogy acupuncture is like performing engine maintenance.  But what’s the point of fixing the engine if you keep putting the worst quality fuel into it?  Dietary changes are a critical component of both weight loss and optimal health and Dr. Meng has developed a very specific diet to maximize weight loss and promote overall good health.

What to Expect
Each treatment is customized and specific to the needs of the individual patient and the current state of their health. Different acupuncture points may be chosen for each treatment as different symptoms arise. For instance, if you are experiencing neck pain we may add points to help relieve the pain.  Our holistic weight loss program treats the whole person and emphasizes restoring balance and promoting optimal health.

Generally treatments are scheduled two to three times per week for the first few weeks. Especially in the beginning people many people have a lot of energy blockage(s) and require acupuncture treatments every few days in order to restore balance and establish the free flow of Qi. Acupuncture is not a miracle and it will take time to restore optimal health. That time varies by several factors including age, overall health, length of time that a disease has been present, diet, and lifestyle.  Dr. Meng’s Weight Loss Program is flexible and adaptive so that it can benefit everyone.

Dr. Meng, MD (China), AP, received her medical degree from the prestigious Shandong University in China and has also completed several advanced training courses in oriental medicine from well-respected TCM hospitals in China.  She has over 15 years of experience as a doctor of oriental medicine.  She has owned and operated Meng’s Acupuncture Medical Center since 2007.

Stephen Sedita, AP, spent 5 years as a research scientist working towards a Ph.D. in Complex Systems and Brain Sciences at FAU before leaving to pursue his passion of Chinese medicine.
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