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Finding the “Sweet Spot” for Healing

By Mike Cohen, Director Center for Brain

Finding the “Sweet Spot” for HealingHealing physical and emotional issues can be quite complex. Sometimes there’s a medical fix, but often it’s a struggle to find answers.

You search the internet. You talk to friends and family. You see a variety of doctors, maybe a therapist or two. You take supplements. You try yoga.

The fact is that healing is seldom simple or “just one thing.” We see people daily in our practice who have “done everything” and “been everywhere,” and don’t know where else to turn.

If you’ve been on a long healing journey because something is “off” in your body–and nothing has helped you get well–Center for Brain may be able to give you some relief. We help people every day who are struggling–with brain fog, chronic pain, “weird” autoimmune disorders, even “chemo brain” and post-surgery issues.

Complicated cases like these that are resistant to other treatment approaches often include a lot of body symptoms. That’s why I searched for years for something that could help.

Discovering the Power of
Bioregulation Therapy (Brt)

In 2014 we tried out BioRegulation Therapy (BRT), also known as body biofeedback. After many of our clients reported that the results were transformative, we invested in this new technology. Center for Brain was one of the first centers in the United States to offer BRT.

The technology, which has added a new dimension to our practice, helps people’s bodies and brains return to their natural, healthy rhythm. See box on next page for more about BRT.

Ever since I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, I’ve had fibromyalgia and other diagnoses. Nobody was able to help. I searched for a long time before finding Center for Brain. Their BRT treatments have helped enormously with my pain, and helped me feel so much clearer. – L.T. Center for Brain client

Connecting the Body and Mind 

Clients who come to Center for Brain benefit from a toolbox of options. Our goal is to determine, through working closely with you, which tools and in which combination have the best chance of helping you.

Carolyn Cohen, my wife and co-owner of Center for Brain, helps some of our most complicated clients utilize these tools for bridging the body-mind connection to achieve greater healing.

Carolyn has been recognized as an expert in inner healing for 30 years. Her unique skill set is the result of years of studying and practicing healing due to her own serious health challenges that didn’t respond to conventional medical treatment.

For 30 years, Carolyn Cohen has helped people heal using the power of their mind and guided imagery to go to a deep place for inner healing. Combined with BRT, her healing gifts have helped clients achieve even greater changes.

The Sweet Spot

Healing is not an overnight process but can be faster than you think. Many of Carolyn’s clients describe feeling better after just a few sessions. Part of the experience involves making certain changes, like nutrition and lifestyle. Carolyn then seeks out the sweet spot – the body’s innate wisdom–for healing, diminishing chronic issues and bringing the body back into balance. A little bit of this…a little bit of that… It’s not a formula or recipe. It’s unique for each individual.

Many of our clients tell us that the most remarkable part of their experience at Center for Brain is time spent with Carolyn, whose insights guide them to rapid inner healing. Some have reported that they’ve traveled the world seeking top specialists and “healers,” only to find what they needed right here in Jupiter.

Resetting the Nervous System… More about BRT

Center for Brain’s newest tool is BioRegulation Therapy (BRT). BRT helps people with chronic pain, immune system dysregulation such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. These issues occur when cell-to-cell communication is disrupted. BRT helps improve this communication through its sophisticated biofeedback programs. When the cells communicate better, your organs function better.

Some common causes: eating unhealthy food; electrical and magnetic fields, environmental pollutants and chemicals, and scar tissue from an accident or surgery.

BRT Is Easy to Do

Sensors are placed on key parts of your body. They are connected to an amplifier that reads the bioelectrical signals, feeds them back to your body and reinforces healthy signaling information.
You feel nothing.

Once the cells are doing their job better, the nervous system calms down, and pain or other disruptive signals, which have become magnified over time, diminish.

About Carolyn Cohen

“The body has innate wisdom. It knows how to come back to balance if we can learn how to get the everyday stresses out of the way. We can do that by eating good food and surrounding ourselves with people who are good, who are not energy-drainers.”

                  – Carolyn Cohen.

Carolyn Cohen is co-owner of Center for Brain with her husband, Mike Cohen.

Known as the “Hope Coach,” Carolyn combines BRT technology to help you amplify your healing process. BRT helps your nervous system re-balance itself. Through guided imagery she helps you go that wisdom within to help you heal yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Carolyn is a veteran of chronic pain and illness, triggered in the 1980s when she moved into a home with a gas leak. The fumes left her with an unrelenting cough and a series of auto-immune issues. She found herself debilitated and house-bound for three and a half years. Her immune system was so compromised that on one occasion, after taking just one aspirin, she went into anaphylactic shock and nearly died. She was able to heal herself after embarking on a mind-body-spirit path.

Carolyn has earned two master’s degrees, one in counseling from East Tennessee State University and a second in medical science from Emory University.

Michael Cohen, Director

Center for Brain 

Mike is one of the leading experts in brain biofeedback. For more than 20 years he has helped children and adults feel better who suffer with a wide range of problems including ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, and learning and processing issues. He has taught neurofeedback to over 2,000 healthcare professionals, including medical doctors, all over the U.S. and the world.

550 Heritage Drive, Suite 140, Jupiter, FL 33458
561.744.7616 • www.CenterforBrain.com

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