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FitBelly – A Program Designed Specifically for Mommy Post Pregnancy

FitBellyWhile Fitness, nutrition, and wellness are common slogans in today, little exists to address mommy’s specific body needs once baby makes his/her arrival.  Mom’s everywhere are amazed by the dramatic body changes an 8 lb bundle of joy can create.  Struggling to get back into pre-baby jeans is a problem we help women solve every day.

The typical pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks and as you mommies know that’s 10 months not 9 months – who are they trying to kid?  While pregnancy ends with an amazing bundle of joy that teaches us the meaning of true love, loving our body is another story.  Pregnancy leads to enlarged breasts, hips, thighs and of course belly.  A pregnant belly can cause stretching and separation of the central abdominal muscle that runs vertically, up the belly.  In most cases, this separation closes within a few months of delivery.  However, this muscle group remains weak and distended without proper exercise.

Fighting the “Belly Bulge” and regaining strength lost during pregnancy can be quite a challenge.  Belly Bulge not only consists of stretched skin and muscles, it also includes an enlarged uterus.  It takes between 6-8 weeks for the uterus to return to its normal size.  The return of muscle and skin tone largely depends on exercise designed to target these outstretched areas.

At Fitbella, we have designed a personalized unique program that reshapes, reduces body fat, tightens and strengthens your belly and post baby body.  Fitbella incorporates targeted exercises inside the FitCapsule which is heated to body temperature to super charge your metabolism and work at a cellular level.  Each 20-30 minute workout in the FitCapsule is equivalent to 1-1/2 hours at a regular gym.  Your FitCoach is with you every step of the way, ensuring your form is activating intended muscle groups; your heart rate is in its targeted zone, and to guide your progression through your individualized FitPlan.  Movements are low impact, highly targeted, and individualized for your fitness level.  Each session is wrapped up with a new mommy indulgence in the FitBath while spa-like in itself, the FitBath also detoxs the body, smoothes and hydrates the skin.

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