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Gum Recession: When Should I See Someone?

Written by the doctors at Advanced Dentistry South Florida

Gum Recession:When it comes to our gums, there can be a lot of confusion about how they should look and what constitutes healthy. Some people have a higher visible gum line while others have much less. Our gums cover the jawbone which supports our teeth at the root. The top half of the tooth, the crown, is exposed above the gum line while the lower half of the tooth, the root, is safely covered. If you notice your gum line has begun receding, it may be an indicator that something needs to be addressed.

What is gum recession?
Gum recession is simply when your gum tissue begins to shrink or disappear. This can occur for a number of reasons:
•    Not brushing or flossing
•    Brushing too hard
•    Tobacco use
•    Misaligned teeth
•    An underlying health issue

Regardless of the cause, once your gums begin to recede the thicker gum tissue toward the top of the gum line is the first to fade. If it progresses beyond this point, then the thinner gum tissue may begin to recede more quickly. If the recession continues, then the supporting bone may eventually be exposed as well.

What are the risks of
gum recession?
One of the first things you may notice is that your teeth appear to get longer or that your smile appears to be more “toothy”. As more of the tooth is exposed, you may experience sensitivity to hot or cold foods. If your gum recession continues, you may experience more serious effects.

•    Infection: As your gums recede, it can form pockets between your teeth and the remaining gum tissue. These pockets are perfect for bacteria to accumulate which can lead to gingivits or gum disease.

•    Bone loss: The bone is exposed as your gums recede. As more and more bone is exposed it will begin to break down. This can greatly weaken the support structure of your teeth.

•    Loose or lost teeth: Teeth can become misaligned, loose, or lost if the surrounding support structure is worn away. The loss of one tooth can cause other teeth to become misaligned and can open the mouth up to potential infection.

Can gum recession be treated?
Treatment is possible and can restore your gum line. It can happen for a variety of reasons, so determining the cause will help better treat the condition. When you come into Advanced Dentistry South Florida for your appointment, we will perform a thorough examination to get a clear picture of what exactly is causing your gum tissue to disappear.

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