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Hormonal Imbalance Occurs in Men and Women Alike

What You Need to Know About Restoring Them Naturally

Hormonal Imbalance Occurs in Men and Women AlikeAt NovaGenix, they realize the value of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). In addition to alleviating the symptoms of Low Testosterone and Menopause, bioidentical hormones safely aid in the anti-aging process, improves memory and mood, sex drive and performance, and creates an overall sense of well-being.

Dr. Timothy Sigman has practiced Internal medicine in the Palm Beach area for close to 20 years. After being in private practice for a few years, he was disappointed with patient outcomes using conventional medicine. Tired of treating patients with drugs to help mask the symptoms of disorders, he discovered how hormone replacement therapy helps get people OFF of medications by addressing the underlying CAUSES of these chronic health conditions. Dr. Sigman began learning about the benefits of BHRT for men and women and how replacing what the body has lost over the years, improves the overall health of his patients. The results spoke for themselves. He was so impressed with what just balancing the hormones can do to bring wellness and vitality to life, that he began focusing on preventative wellness and anti-aging through hormone therapy full time.

Today, Dr. Sigman has been treating hundreds of patients, balancing their hormones and practicing anti-aging and wellness medicine. Dr. Sigman is a well-known expert in hormone therapy and is highly sought after as a lecturer. Having spoken in front of athletes, medical professionals and law enforcement, his expertise in hormone therapy make NovaGenix the obvious choice for patients looking to optimize their health and improve their quality of living. After a thorough examination and the necessary lab tests, Dr. Sigman will create a customized plan to help you balance your hormones, providing medical benefits which will have you looking and feeling better than you have in years.

Hormone Therapy for Women Undergoing Peri-Menopause

Women go through drastic changes as they age, due to hormone imbalance.

At a certain point, a women’s hormonal cycle begins to slow down, her fertility decelerates, her periods become irregular, and her chemical balance is drastically off. This is a challenging time indeed as her body is stressed both physically and emotionally.

Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms

Hot Flashes & night sweats

• Insomnia & sleep disturbances

• Irregular periods

• Mood changes

• Vaginal Changes

• Bladder disorders

• Decreased fertility

• Changes in sexual function

• Reduced sex drive and painful intercourse.

• Loss of bone

• Feeling of uneasiness

• Low sense of wellbeing

• Decreased energy 

• Changes in skin elasticity and tightness

Often, women may suffer for months and even years without treatment. Hormone imbalance can damage one’s life emotionally, physically, mentally, and often leads to problems in personal relationships. These hormonal disparities can usually cause a great deal of stress to a woman’s life.

Fortunately, NovaGenix can help. It’s now possible to replace hormone levels to what they were prior to perimenopause and menopause. For women that suffer from low progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone deficiencies, NovaGenix can replace these hormones via bio-identical hormone therapy.

Testosterone Replacement
Therapy For Men (TRT)

Restoring male testosterone levels can help men’s numbers be back to the elevated quantities of their youth. Having testosterone levels within the normal to upper range is critical for a males overall health. Men undergo physical and emotional disturbances when their hormones are disturbed. Research has shown that men with testosterone levels in the upper ranges live more active, healthier and happier lives. The treatment pathways to optimize hormone levels in men vary according to the form of testosterone used, the route of administration, and the dosing level and frequency. Dr. Sigman is an expert in TRT, and after just one meeting with him, patients understand why his adept experience is above and beyond that of his peers.

Many practitioners refer their patients to
NovaGenix to take advantage of Dr. Sigman’s
experience in this specialized field of medicine.
His years of experience in helping men return to their past physical and mental state have made him one of the most sought-after physicians around.

Male Low Testosterone Symptoms

• Decreased motivation 

• Sleep disturbances

• Low sex drive

• Difficulty in achieving & maintaining erections. 

• Depression, irritability, mood swings. 

• Fatigue 

• Low thyroid function & increased weight gain

• Increased body fat & decreased muscle tone
and mass

For both MEN & WOMEN, The first step is to schedule an appointment at NovaGenix for a FREE consultation where you will then get your blood work analyzed so that Dr. Sigman can evaluate your levels and check for hormonal deficiencies. NovaGenix will customize an individualized treatment plan that will turn your life around and let you feel emotionally, physically and mentally.

Call at 561-277-8260 to schedule your FREE consultation today!

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