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Look and Feel Better Staying Healthy

The FacilityMy name is Fred Steinberg and I am a fit 65-year old man. The journey for me started with a belly and like most men, I had to search for shirts and belts that hid my protrusion from the public.

I quickly learned that there were no successful diets, and that my problem was not to lose weight… but to lose body fat! I also learned that if I added muscle, it would burn more calories, and I would be able to maintain my slimness and physique once I reached my goal!

Now that I have reached my 60’s, I unfortunately watch some of my friends lose of their mobility & balance, some struggle on the golf course, and  worse, many of them suffer from injured knees, backs and shoulders, all of which affect their quality of life. Their medical issues become the focus of their life.

Science says you can be fit at any age!

You can’t buy time, longevity and good health.

You can work your entire life to afford the finer things and a quality of life only to lose it to pain, doctor appointments and the onset of the aging process. Not me! I want more. I am willing to invest my time and effort in being youthful, strong, healthy, and to reduce the illnesses and injuries aging brings on. I want the remainder of my sunny Florida days to be active and full of life.

I am going to speak to each and every one of you in this column about motivation, and determination. Don’t wait until it’s too late… that may have worked for you when you were 20 but it doesn’t work when you are 70! You can protect and increase that through science … it’s called exercise! Not just any exercise, although walking is great, but not enough! Try exercise that maintains muscle tone, flexibility, balance, muscle building, and is scientifically proven.

We are all in this together! Our only tool for survival is our brain. 3.5 pounds of grey matter, and that brain tells you what you need to do. You need to listen to what it says … it holds the key to your survival. Keep your body healthy. Call me. I can help you get fit, keep you mobile, keep you flexible, improve your quality of life … and with a little luck, help you live longer!

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