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Now Accepting New Clients!

New Indiantown business uses Ideal Protein weight loss and whole body vibration Technologies

Now Accepting New ClientsIf you are a snowbird returning to beautiful, sunny Florida, welcome back!  If you are one of the year-round residence welcome to Fall!  To both groups, we’d like to welcome you into our office.

Elevation Health of Jupiter is a new high-tech natural health and wellness office in Jupiter designed to truly ELEVATE your HEALTH.  We deliver health care through core four principles:  Function, Fitness, Nutrition & Education.

What you can expect when you come to our office – First a very thorough review of your health history.  Then, a complete posture and nerve system exam is done.  Why do we start with the posture and nerve system?  We find that 95% of the people that come to our office have problems that are caused by a malfunctioning Nerve System.  Your amazing body is controlled by your brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves.  The power that starts in the brain travels down the cord and reaches every cell, tissue and organ of your body through the nerves branching from your spine.  The main function of your spine is to protect the nerve system.  Your spine needs to be straight when you look at it from front to back, and when you look at your spine from the side it needs to have arcing curves.  Body traumas (car accidents, slips/falls, repeat improper postures while driving, sleeping or sitting at work) cause the spinal bones to SHIFT out of alignment.  This SHIFT causes a pulling, pinching or irritation on your spinal nerve.  This is called a SUBLUXATION.  Strangely enough, subluxations most often don’t hurt, initially.  Let me help you understand this. Pretend your index finger is a nerve.  If you put slight pressure on it with your other hand you would find that it doesn’t hurt.  However, if you left that pressure there for 6 months, imagine what would happen to your finger.  Imagine if you left that slight pressure on your finger for 5 or 10 years!  It is like a dimmer switch, lessening function to the end of your finger.  When you have pressure on a nerve it is like turning the dimmer switch down to your vital organs, dimming the functioning and healing power going to those vital organs. Are you in a state of pain? Or are you in a state of one of your organs not working – constipation, IBS, hyper/hypo thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure…

Now, let’s relate this to your posture. The SHIFTING of spinal bones causes you to shift your posture to get away from the problem, especially if pain is presenting. This could result in your head tilting or shifting from mid-line, or one shoulder or hip being higher than the other. So, when you have a subluxation in one area of your spine it distorts your posture.  When your posture distorts it becomes weak, this causes major pressure to other areas of your spinal cord and nerves.  When your posture is distorted it affects all the vital organs in your body and over time can lead to sickness and disease.

If we find posture distortions and subluxations in your spine your care begins by properly warming up your spine, preparing it to be unlocked.  We increase function by unlocking and removing those pressures on your spine and nervous system, allowing you to heal naturally.  Patients then stabilize & correct their spine by doing individualized traction therapies.  In other words, your spine undergoes a remolding process.  We specialize in correcting the cause of health problems, not just treating the symptoms of the health problems.

We have seen tremendous results with patients participating in Ideal Protein for fat loss and using the Power Plates to reach their weight & fitness goals.  Our participants on average have lost 5 pounds per week.  Ideal Protein is a physician supervised fat loss program done in 4 phases.  Rapid fat loss occurs in the first phase.  Phases 2 through 4 are quick and put you in a place of eating sensibly, healthily and maintaining your results.  People are losing fat, breaking destructive eating habits, getting off their diabetes medication.  Ideal Protein coupled with the Power Plate is powerful!  A six month study showed that exercising on a power plate reduced twice as much body fat compared to doing traditional cardio and weight training.  Using the Power Plate also reduces cellulite by dramatically increasing your circulation and flushing out toxins in your cells.  If you have reached a plateau with your weight loss goals or want to start to reshape your body, this is the place to be!

Free diabetes prevention workshop
On November 18 at 6:30pm we will be teaching a FREE workshop on Diabetes Reversal and Blood Sugar Control.  Come, be our guest.  Take the first step toward Elevating your HEALTH.  Now is the time!  Now is the season!  You must take control of your health because YOU DESERVE IT!

Call our office TODAY to reserve your spot for the FREE workshop.  First 10 to sign up will receive a FREE Diabetes Reversal book. 561-203-7945

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