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Organic Gem in Downtown Boca Raton

Organic Gem in Downtown Boca RatonExcited to share the concept of natural hairstyling with Boca Raton, hair color specialist Juli Edwards, owner of Healthy Life Salon does long lasting hair color that covers gray hair without using ammonia and artificial fragrance. “You will be very pleased to go home looking fabulous and not smell like perfume. And, your hormones will be happy too! Artificial fragrances contain toxic ingredients that get into the bloodstream through the skin.” Dr. Anne Steinemann is an internationally recognized scientist who is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives and improve their working environments. She stated:

“In my epidemiological studies, I found that nearly 30% of the US population experiences adverse health effects when they are exposed to fragranced products.”(*)

There is a better way… Choose Organic!!” And that is easy to do when you get your hair and waxing services done at Healthy Life Salon. The American-made nose-friendly line called Shear Miracle Organics contains 100% natural/70% organic ingredients with NO artifical fragrances, preservatives and NO alcohol or silicone. The ingredient used to hold the hair is corn or rice (instead of damaging alcohol and silicone). The line is completely safe with flat ironing and of course its sulfate free and vegan. Gosh if you’re not interested yet, well let me wake you up with this one: Juli not only works on your hair, she can work on your house as well. Have your home Feng-Shui-ed and see what can happen to your life. Bring in love, prosperity, and good health. She will determine the best colors for your hair, wardrobe and home; best shapes for your haircuts as well as, the best directions to have your front door, location of your bed, and position of your stove. “Almost everything that is inauspicious can be corrected. It sometimes takes a little work, but will pay off in the end.”

Damage-free reusable human hair extensions are another great reason to go to Healthy Life Salon. “Quick installation, affordable maintenance, and the hair can last a year or more with proper care.” Juli explains, “Some women love to have their hair touch their backs; usually a person with the Feng Shui wood element. It’s a real part of them; like an appendage. As we mature, the hormone levels drop and the hair sometimes gets thinner in diameter and density. This Feng Shui type should consider extensions”. Whatever your element is, honor it. Each element has its own shape and colors. When you are wearing the colors specified in your chart, your confidence level increases and the magic happens! A person who has the element of water should consider wearing their hair curly or wavy. Or adding blue or aqua streaks to their hair will enhance their personality as well. Healthy Life Salon only uses European human hair extensions, which has the best most natural looking texture and the easiest to maintain at home.

The bright and tastefully remodeled 2 station holistic hair salon, known as Healthy Life Salon has an organic wine bar as well! Fun, beauty AND relaxation! Housing a fantastic variety of organic wines and champagnes, the space is perfect for bridal parties and other celebrations. Free parking in front and across the street in the public parking garage makes this downtown location easily accessible. Stop by for a glass of organic wine and consultation with a real professional. You’ll be glad you did.


Organic Wine Tasting
every 1st Thursday 6-8pm


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