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Sleep Your Way To Better Skin

By Barry N. Chase, DDS, PC, D. ABDSM, D. ACSDD –

Sleep Your Way To Better SkinQ: My skin is starting to sag a bit. Is there anything I can do to prolong this so that I don’t have to consider getting a full-blown facelift now?

My 91 year old mom recently said, “I looked into the mirror the other day and I noticed a few wrinkles”. Obviously for a 91 year old lady sagging skin and wrinkles are normal and expected. As we get older the collagen is our skin loses its elasticity. Often, sagging skin is due to aging, excessive weight loss, loss of muscle tone, and severe sun exposure. However, another factor that most people do not consider is poor sleep.

Stress, sleep and sagging skin: The negative effects of stress accelerates the aging process. Stress causes certain hormonal changes in your body which can alter the appearance of your skin. Stress causes the release of the hormone cortisol. Large amounts of cortisol for extended periods of time are extremely toxic. Our brain is sensitive to the effects of cortisol. At high levels, cortisol causes brain cells to die (including the Hippocampus of the brain causing memory loss). Excess cortisol can destroy your immune system, shrink other vital organs, decrease your muscle mass, and cause thinning of the skin, accelerating skin aging, sagging, and wrinkling.

Stress often causes insomnia and a lack of Deep Sleep. During Deep Sleep Human Growth Hormone (hGH) is released which, in adults, is needed for tissue repair and healing. In a scientific paper published in 2011 from Brazil titled “Growth Hormone System: skin interactions,” the effects of growth hormone on the skin are explored. The doctors concluded, “Clinical observations and analysis… have shown the important role played by GH in the development, maintenance, and repair of the skin. In fact, the dermal structures directly reflect the various changes in GH production that occur in the different phases of life.”

Sleep, Estrogen and Melatonin
The decline in hormones such as Estrogen, Melatonin and HGF (human growth factor) greatly contributes to the loss of collagen, skin thickness resulting in Skin Sagging. These hormones are pivotal to keeping the skin firm and bouncy, especially as we age.

Estrogen not only is important for maintaining skin thickness, hydration, elasticity and collagen synthesis but also it increases the fat stores under the skin that keep it looking lively and plump. These hormones are also potent antioxidants that protect our skin from free radicals infamous for depleting collagen in the skin.

One of the best hormone preservers and boosters is sleep. When you sleep, melatonin and HGF are released. Melatonin is not only a potent antioxidant but also helps boost your levels of Estrogen.

Better Sleep
Sleep Apnea, Snoring, and Insomnia disturb Deep Sleep and can result in a decrease in Growth Hormone, Estrogen and Melatonin, and an increase in Cortisol. And, better sleep can be achieved without medication. For more information call…631-393-6888


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