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Stop Drinking Pestices In Your Wine !!

“Let him drink, and forget his poverty, and remember his misery no more.” Proverb 31:7

Stop Drinking Pestices In Your Wine !!Relaxation and stress-free existence are vital components of Healthy Life Salon and Organic Wine Bar; offering an interesting, international selection of organic and sustainably farmed wines; red, white, and sparkling. These wines are meant to enhance your enjoyment of your time spent at Healthy Life Salon and Organic Wine Bar and, of course in your home.

Many people ask: “Why organic wine?”, “Does it make a difference?” The simple answer to the latter, Yes, it does make a difference to your individual health and that of the environment.  Many of us know that everyday products such as spinach, apples, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, etc. have high levels of agricultural pesticides and therefore we purchase organic. Hidden is the fact that grapes are equally, if not more so, heavily sprayed (see ewg.org/foodnews/dirty_dozen_list.php). These pesticides and chemicals then go into the making of our wines. To be labeled organic foods/wines must be free of: toxic persistent pesticides and herbicides, being derived from genetically modified organisms (also known as GMOs), antibiotics, growth hormones, sludge and irradiation. Organic farming emphasizes practices like using manure compost and biological (non-chemical) pest control. Some wines are labeled as sustainably farmed. Sustainable farming does not require an official stamp or certification of any kind, it is viewed as a way of life. There are a few certifications including “The Lodi Rules” which are California’s first 3rd party certified sustainable wine growing standards*. Healthy Life Salon and Organic Wine Bar carries domestic sustainable wine with this certification. Sustainable standards prioritizes farming without damaging the environment or human health. While organic wines can fall into this category, it does not always. Sustainability puts emphasis on ecological and environmental well being. Sustainable agriculture must be all three; ecologically sound, economically viable and socially responsible. And the three must be in harmony.** “Sustainable” often means:

• Grown using methods that benefit the soil, such as composting, crop rotation, mulching, etc.

• Grown using methods that benefit surrounding land and wildlife.

• Often sold locally and/or direct to consumer to reduce fuel usage and ensure food is fresher.

• Uses sustainable strategies to reduce the need for irrigation and conserve water.

• Animals are raised in a healthy, natural environment.

• Farmers and other parties are paid and treated fairly

Organic certification can vary. The global standard and most common prerequisite is that the wines be made from certified organically grown grapes. For legal, commercial, and even cultural purposes, depending upon the country, some other guidelines may be applied to determine whether or not a wine can be labeled organic. In the USA, following the creation by the USDA of NOP (National Organic Program), an organic wine is defined as “a wine made from organically grown grapes without added sulfites”. By this definition, the majority of what you and I have been calling organic wines should technically be referred to as “wines made from organic grapes” (or organically grown wines), since they may contain up to 100ppm of added sulfites in wine. This is the definition used in Canada, Europe and most wine-making countries except the US, which requires it to be sulfite free.***

All countries monitor the amount of SO2 present in wines. Sulfur dioxide occurs naturally as a by-product of the fermentation process. Sulfites in wine have been added for hundreds of years as a preservative. Today, over 99% of commercial wines contain sulfites. The wines carried at Healthy Life Salon and Organic Bar do not contain any additional added sulfites. Prepare yourself for what you will read next. Data from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation lists these pesticides and chemicals; which are spread on non-organic vineyards****. They have been shown to cause harm to the environment and to our bodily functions, not immediate, but cumulative over time. They should be eliminated or decreased.

Bird and Bee Toxins

• Boscalid: bee hazard, possible carcinogen 53,340 pounds a year on 239,940 acres

• Chlorantraniliprole: bee hazard 3,877 pounds on 52,626 acres

• Imidacloprid: kills bees and birds 44,040+ pounds spread on 189,885 acres

• Methoxyfenozide: kills bees and birds 28,711 pounds spread on 139,978 acres

Carcinogens – Probable and Possible

• 1, 3 Dichloropropene: probable carcinogen 666,004 pounds on 2,648 acres

This is a mucous membrane irritator causing chest pain and breathing difficulties. Linked to lymphomas and leukemia.

• Mancozeb: developmental toxin and probable carcinogen 9,482 pounds over 6,465 acres

This is a thyroid hormone interrupter.

• Oxyfluorfen: possible carcinogen 71,267 pounds on 209,122 acres

This has liver toxicity and causes anemia.

• Pendimethalin: possible carcinogen 142,253 pounds on 68,146 acres

This is a skin and eye irritant.  It causes thyroid problems and could disrupt pregnancy.


• Chlorpyrifos: neurotoxin 52,341 pounds on 25,359 acres

This blocks enzymes that control the nervous system, especially in children.  It causes headaches, agitation, and leads to an inability to concentrate.

• Glufosinate ammonium: neurotoxin 70,701 pounds on 114,843+ acres

This effects central nervous system development and could lead to birth defects

In conclusion, please be aware of the products, foods, and wines that you consume. You personally are the ultimate decision maker for your own future and your own health. It does make a difference!

Splendid Life

I drink to you,

With a crowd

With a few,

Holding soft

In deep revelry,

Hoping only

For peace and harmony.

(tt, 2015)

Enjoy the good life! Healthy Life Salon and Organic Wine Bar is located in downtown Boca Raton across from the Royal Palm Plaza. Free parking right in front or across the street in the free parking garage makes this newly renovated (eco-friendly) space easily accessible. Wine tastings are every 1st Thursday of the month from 6-8pm. Reservations are recommended. Appointments for hair and nail services can be made by calling 561-891-7527. Healthy Life Salon and Organic Wine Bar is open Wednesday through Saturday 11-6pm. Later evening times are available by

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