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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal RejuvenationIntimacy is a difficult subject for anyone to share with a healthcare provider, however many women suffer from the effects that aging & childbirth have on their lives. It is very common for women not only to experience signs of aging in the face and body, but also in the vagina. It can range from aesthetic deterioration such as pigmentary changes to significant medical problems. With aging, the vaginal wall can lose elasticity and tone. This can also be a side effect of childbirth. It can result in leaking urine when coughing or sneezing, also called stress incontinence, and painful intercourse due to increased dryness, burning and itching. It can result in problems with intimacy and sexual satisfaction for many women.

In the past pelvic flow exercises or electro-stimulation were prescribed, however many times these are not successful. Surgical Vaginal rejuvenation options involve significant downtime and risk. Other options are topical treatments and hormones, but a great number of women prefer not to use hormones or cannot use them because of their history of breast cancer.

The Core Intima laser by Syneron is a revolutionary new laser that has significant improvement in the above mentioned symptoms. It is painless, non-surgical, has minimal downtime and requires a series of 3 treatments. The treatment only takes 10 minutes. A gentle laser energy is delivered to the vaginal wall. This stimulates collagen production, followed by a healing response to tighten tissue, and restore moisture in the vaginal canal. Most patients report improvement even after the first treatment.

The Core Intima is a Carbon Dioxide laser. Carbone Dioxide (CO2) lasers have long been shown to regenerate collagen through heat induced collagen contraction. When studied under the microscope, vaginal tissue shows new collagen production and deposition, thereby thickening the vaginal wall. There is general structure improvement in the connective tissue and new blood vessel formation, thus increasing the circulation and restoring a “rejuvenated” or healthier tissue. There is improvement in lubrication and a return to a more active and healthy lifestyle. Symptoms of dryness, itching, painful urination, painful intercourse and recurrent infections improve significantly. For more information call 561-655-6325 or visit www.drdadurian.com.

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