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What You Must Know To Prevent and Treat Sports Injuries in Youngsters (and Adults Too)

By Richard A. Reiner, D.C.

Prevent and Treat Sports InjuriesIt’s the beginning of a new school year, teams are preparing for the competition, children and their parents alike can’t wait for the games to begin. We think about scoring the winning goal, but we never think about the possibility of injuries. Unfortunately, it’s part of the game no one likes to talk about. So, I’m presenting you with:


At least 50 million children and adolescents participate in school-sponsored or extracurricular sports activities each year. The incidence of sports injuries is estimated to range between 20-30%. Most of these injuries are considered minor sprains, strains, contusions or abrasions. Serious injuries such as fractures, concussions and internal organ damage are considered rare. Despite the high percentage chance of injury, fewer than 25% of schools and other organizations have a team physician or trainer.

Dear Patients and Friends:

Do you know the best way to stop pain due to a sport’s injury? Would you like to learn some of my little known “secrets” for stopping the pain? If you said “YES,” then reading this SPECIAL REPORT may be the most important thing you can do. It’s incredible how ending pain can make your life so much better!

FIRST: Let me explain why I think the worlds #1 BEST method to ending acute or even chronic pain is simply…
Yes, it’s true; did you know that Chiropractic has been proven to be an extremely effective way to treat sport’s injuries? I’ve seen people walk into my office in severe pain…people clutching their area of pain…and after I finished treating them, they run out the door ready to get back to their game.
For some odd reason, many people believe chiropractors just treat “backs”.  That’s like saying medical doctors just treat the flu. Dentists just fill cavities. Attorneys just go to court. And so on. The truth is, like all other professions, chiropractors treat much MORE than just backs; problems such as headaches whiplash, arm and leg numbness, joint pain and…

Sports Injuries
As a sport’s chiropractor, my job is to provide the best and most complete care, even more than my professional counterparts. I have had the privilege of providing care for professional athletes as the team chiropractor for the Florida Bobcats-NFL arena team of South Florida, David Tua-professional WBC Heavy Weight boxer, amateur athletes, both high school and college levels, and the weekend recreational athlete since 1982. Most injuries arise from skeletal disorders that produce secondary neurological or muscular problems, which are easily diagnosed and treated with excellent results.

SECOND:  Nutritional considerations. Don’t get up in the steroid rush to get the “competitive edge.” Emmitt Smith didn’t bulk up on steroids; he built his body by eating properly; regular meals, adequate fluids, vitamins and minerals and a caloric intake sufficient to meet the energy demands of his particular sport (football). You don’t need expensive “Special” foods and designer nutritional supplements and drugs that are over-priced and potentially harmful.
THIRD: Get in Shape!!! Children today don’t get enough exercise. Schools no longer require PE. Our kids eat too much fast food products, become couch potatoes and watch hours of TV and/or sit in front of their computers. How do you expect our children to fit the athletic profile that we, as parents, want our children to become? We try to mold them into the next LeBron James, Aaron Rogers or Derek Jeter and ultimately becoming the best player and having the best team in the league.

FOURTH:  What to do first! Let’s start by WARMING UP. You’re probably thinking why warm up? It doesn’t make sense to deliberately get hot and sweaty before the game! Well, it does. Your body needs at least 10 minutes to loosen up…stretch the muscles, do push-ups or sit-ups…anything that will make you break a light sweat. A warm-up raises the temperature inside your muscles which makes them more elastic and flexible and that makes them harder to injure.
FIFTH:  Proper Conditioning prepares your body for activity. When we talk about conditioning, we’re talking about flexibility, muscle strength, muscle endurance and aerobic endurance – all different and all important. Different sports have different requirements, so you must be in top condition to perform at your maximum.

SIXTH:  After the competition – Cooling Down is a life saver! Let your body return to its resting state gradually. It’s very dangerous to just sit down or stand still after vigorous activity. I know, you’re too tired and you want to rest. However, you need to move for 5 to 10 minutes, such as walking because blood collects in the legs combined with high adrenaline that affects the heart.

SEVENTH: How important is Equipment? That depends on your sport. A swimmer’s equipment usually consists of a swimsuit and possibly goggles. A football player needs a helmet, pads and cleats. But if you’re a runner or tennis player and you use your legs hard, the shoes you select can make the difference. The force of your foot strike at a 6-minute mile pace is 3 times body weight and that type of shock is capable of breaking bones and tearing muscles. However, the proper shock absorbing shoe will diminish the foot strike and prevent pain.

EIGHTH:  What do I do if I’m injured? Despite our best efforts, hundreds of hours of training and using all the correct equipment, we still manage to get injured. So what do we do? Obviously, it depends on the injury itself and how severe it is.
It’s important to follow these general guidelines because it makes common sense.

For a mild injury, remember RICE.  R for rest, I for ice, C for compression, and E for elevation. When resting, an ice massage over the injured area can be up to 70% more effective than just placing an ice pack of the injured area itself. For a moderate injury, do the RICE technique and you may need additional support in the form of a brace or crutch. For severe injury where you have a concussion, bleeding, broken bones or have to be carried off the field, go to the hospital immediately.

Common Sports Injuries:
Football: knee injuries-ACL tear, ligament and tendon injuries
Basketball: knee, Achilles heel pain and ankle injuries
Baseball: sore shoulders and elbows, hip bursitis
Tennis: tennis elbow and knee problems
Golf: elbow pain and lower back problems
Track: knee pain, shin splints, pulled muscles, foot problems-plantar fasciitis.

NINTH: Florida’s heat can be a killer – really! The key to staying cool is ventilation, and the number one way to keep cool is to sweat. In order to “be cool,” you need as much skin surface as possible exposed to the air. Any clothing interferes with that; but remember to wear sunscreen. It’s good to wear loose clothing because tight clothing impedes air movement across the skin which in turn can prevent evaporation.

You should also wear the right kind of clothing. Cotton tends to hold water against the skin, blocking air circulation that prevents sweating. A better choice would be fishnet or a loosely woven nylon that doesn’t absorb moisture and lets air penetrate for evaporation. It’s also a good idea to wear light colored clothing. Light colors tend to reflect sunlight and dark colors tend to absorb it – and get hotter.

What about hats? Unless they have a wide brim they don’t seem to make a difference. Heat exhaustion leaves you weak, pale with clammy skin, a weak rapid pulse rate, nausea and excessive water loss. Immediate treatment consists of laying the athlete down with feet elevated, drink water; if they’re hot…cool them off, if they’re cool…cover them with a blanket. So remember: Keep it loose and keep it light!

IN CONCLUSION: Don’t suffer needlessly any longer. Do whatever it takes to get to Dr. Reiner’s office. Do it now!

Here’s What To Do:
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Dr. Richard A. Reiner

P.S.: How will your injury impact your life if not treated properly?

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