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A Doctor’s Own Struggle With Weight Loss

A Doctor’s Own Struggle With  Weight LossFor some people, losing unwanted pounds and inches is a struggle fraught with frustration and failure, despite regular exercise and rigid adherence to healthy diets.
Surgery offers one alternative to conventional weight-loss methods, as does a process that is noninvasive, safe and highly effective – laser-assisted weight loss treatments.
FDA approved laser-assisted weight loss technology achieves the body contouring, fat removing results of liposuction without the pain and risk of a surgical procedure.
Dr. Tred Rissacher can speak with authority on the technology’s life and health changing benefits, not only as a practitioner, but also someone who utilized laser-assisted weight loss to win his own battle of the bulge.
Dr. Rissacher is the owner of Slim Body Laser Spa, which has offices in Boca Raton and Stuart, Florida. Over the last four years, his Ultimate Laser-Assisted Weight Loss System has helped more than 2,500 people shed thousands of stubborn pounds and inches via the laser, which acts directly on the problem fat cells.
“This procedure shrinks fat cells, whereas the other procedures destroy fat cells,” he says. “They either suck them out or they freeze them and kill them, or they blast them with ultrasound or heat them up with radio waves. This procedure simply causes the fat cells to empty their contents, and then the body absorbs that fatty acid naturally through the lymphatic system. It is burned as fuel for the body. It is congruent with how the body normally processes energy, which is why it is so safe.”
The safety and effectiveness of laser-assisted weight loss treatments have been touted on such television programs as “The Rachael Ray Show,””CNN,” “The Dr. Oz Show,” “The Oprah Show” and the “Doctors.”
While Dr. Rissacher’s practice has been devoted to helping patients safely shed unwanted pounds and inches. Despite that mission, he was in the position of not practicing what he was preaching, where his own spare tire was concerned.
In fact, he used to joke about his weight with patients and make excuses.
That all changed when he began to develop symptoms of pre-diabetes.
As a health care provider, Dr. Rissacher was well aware that losing weight was the first treatment option for managing and even reversing his pre-diabetes. With this goal in mind, he began a process that mirrors the experience of many of his patients.
“I really thought that I could easily get the weight off by dieting and increasing my exercise, but it didn’t work,” he relates. “Now I’m doing exactly the same thing that everyone else is doing. I’m dieting and exercising, and the weight is not coming off.”
As the doctor contemplated his next, a eureka moment occurred that saw his own words echoing back at him: If you’ve been frustrated with an inability to lose weight, his practice’s FDA-cleared Lipo laser could be the answer.
“I realized I was a shoemaker with holes in his shoes, too busy to take care of myself,” Dr. Rissacher says. “I decided to really commit to my own laser program that I recommend to others.”
Within four weeks of beginning the laser program – completing twelve sessions over that time period, he dropped ten inches, reducing his waist size from a forty-two down to a thirty-eight. He also lost 30 pounds in less than six weeks, and his health issue disappeared.
“My diabetes responded beautifully to my weight loss,” the doctor says proudly. “It resolved as soon as I lost weight and got rid of the inches.”
While the process’ success is not diet-dependent, Dr. Rissacher adds, proper diet, good nutrition and exercise are important for sustaining results.
Dr. Rissacher obtained his first FDA-cleared, noninvasive, non-surgical laser four years ago after watching a dear friend repeatedly fail with every weight loss approach she tried.
“She failed so many times at weight loss,” he reflects. “She tried diet plans and the exercise clubs and the boot camps. She failed at the injection diets, the 500-calorie-a-day diet. She failed at the diet plans with the pre-packaged food. Out of desperation, she even tried a painful surgical procedure in an attempt to lose weight.”
It was this friend who motivated him to check out the laser system, stressing that is was a better option than the surgical procedure she had endured. Dr. Rissacher was amazed by the incredible results it produced.
He bought a laser and began offering it to his patients. Immediately, they experienced astounding outcomes. “People were losing three to nine inches in three weeks while lying on their backs and listening to music,” he says. “I saw it with my own eyes.”
Dr. Rissacher’s system uses LipoLaser technology, which works together with a patented cold laser conductor that is positioned onto the skin over areas to be treated for 30 minutes. Initially created to accelerate recovery, physicians discovered that the cold laser technology would also liquefy body fat cells without pain. In comparison to Lipo-surgery, the noninvasive LipoLaser doesn’t take out the fat cell, it drains it, drastically decreasing its size. This leads to significant body shape improvements.
Patients are able to enjoy relaxing 30-to-40 minute sessions that can improve the look and size of these and other problem areas: the middle and lower abdomen, back, buttocks and thighs, waistline, arms and underarms.
Dr. Rissacher says the method requires zero downtime and can achieve a loss of several inches over just a few sessions, enabling patients to once again fit into those favorite jeans again or confidently walk down the sunny Florida beaches.
“For that reason, the LipoLaser is an excellent targeted remedy for problem areas including love handles, muffin-tops and saddlebags,” he says.
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