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Cutting Edge Technology used to treat neck pain in Professional Athletes, The US Air force, & The US Navy – It is now available in Palm Beach County

Cutting Edge TechnologyThe human head weighs approximately 11 lbs, significantly larger than the 8 lbs so famously quoted in the movie, “Jerry Maguire”. Your neck’s main job is to hold up/support the head. Mind this is no easy feat. The head must be able to move from side to side and up and down simultaneously. The neck itself forms a conduit for the spinal cord, carries blood vessels to and from the head, and contains passageways for air and food. This is quite a complex system of engineering. No wonder our necks can cause such systematic pain and discomfort. 70% of individuals experience neck pain that interferes with life functioning at least once in their lifetime.
Neck pain can be debilitating. Pain can radiate from the neck to the back down the arms and sometimes even down to the hips and legs. Neck pain can create chronic and intense headaches. The neck itself can become stiff with a decreased range of motion where pain is often worsened with movement.
Traditional treatments frequently create temporary relief for neck pain sufferers but long-term restoration of neck function and pain relief is infrequent. “The MCU (Multi-Cervical Unit) is changing the way we treat and cure debilitating neck pain” explains Dr. Marc Weinberg of the Active Health Center, “ Multi-cervical unit (MCU) is designed to increase cervical range of motion and strength in order to restore neck function.”
Prior to the MCU, it was nearly impossible to objectively diagnose muscle dysfunction and weakness. Because other examination methods like CT scans, X-rays, and nerve testing have been unable to detect functional muscle weakness, accurate strengthening of these delicate injuries has often been called “the missing link” in neck pain treatment. The MCU is so valuable because it offers a more reliable diagnosis of strength and motion, and then uses those findings to customize and target the treatment using the same machine. Research reveals that patients who are treated with the MCU typically experience far better success rates with more permanent relief than those who opt for traditional therapies alone. It is a priceless asset in the diagnosis and treatment of neck pain.
The MCU is the most comprehensive cervical spine evaluation and rehabilitation system in the world. It provides a thorough and objective evaluation of the cervical spine (the neck) and its related muscles. It then prescribes a series of neck-strengthening exercises to resolve the underlying cause of your neck pain. Unlike massage, acupuncture and decompression, which do nothing to strengthen muscles, the MCU offers a restorative approach.
Here’s how it works:
The MCU is a digital system that evaluates and records the patient’s cervical spine movement and isometric strength. Evaluations take about 45 minutes to perform.
The patient’s strength and range of motion is accessed, and a report is generated.
The MCU recommends a therapy program precisely tailored to suit the patient’s needs
Strengthening sessions last 20-30 minutes and are conducted 3 times per week for only 6-12 weeks
The amazing part of the MCU, it can detect the presence of weakness in any neck muscle group. It can pinpoint the location and then strengthen the muscle(s) thereby allowing the inflamed tissues, like bulging or herniated discs, swollen facet joints, overused muscles and even areas of stenosis to “quiet down” and heal, thus alleviating neck pain. Along with a thorough examination, the MCU can also determine if neck weakness is not the cause of your neck pain and is a comprehensive evaluation
to help determine if the MCU treatment will be beneficial to each patient.
In Fact, Medical Research shows that 75% of people with chronic neck pain, from any cause, will get significant relief of their pain simply by strengthening their neck with the Multi-Cervical Unit.
If you or someone you love has suffered from neck or upper back pain, contact the team at Active Health Center for an evaluation to see if the MCU treatment is right for you.
MCU offers Effective Testing and Treatment for:

  • General and Chronic Neck Pain
  •  Whiplash Associated Disorders
  • Muscle Tension headache
  • Cervical Disc Conditions
  • Sports Related Injuries
  • Job/Posture dysfunctions

The MCU can treat: • Neck pain • Headaches • Dizziness from the neck • Upper back pain • Arm numbness, tingling, burning.
Whiplash suffered in a car accident more than four decades ago came back to haunt Linda Barbic.
Whiplash typically occurs when a person’s head is forcefully and quickly thrown backward and then forward. This motion can injure discs between the bones, ligaments, muscles, nerves and neck tissues.
Linda admits she never sought proper treatment after the accident explaining,
“I was never in much pain, so I ignored it.  Years later I was diagnosed with
cervical osteoarthritis.”
Cervical osteoarthritis is extremely common. More than 85% of people over the age of 60 are affected. The condition can cause pain and stiffness in the neck, but many experience no noticeable symptoms. This was not the case for Linda.  Unbearable pain suddenly came out of nowhere.
“The pain I experienced was debilitating,” Linda describes. “I love riding my bike, and I could no longer do that because I couldn’t stand to lean over. My pain was a nine on a scale of one to ten on most days. I couldn’t even get a peaceful night’s rest.”
Linda searched for treatment options, and consulted a neighbor who recommended Dr. Weinberg.  Linda’s neighbor had wonderful results from her treatment at Active Health Center.
“I never heard of an MCU machine before going to see Dr. Weinberg,” Linda confirms. “I was glad to know that there was a chiropractor in my area who had advanced technology to offer. I was in so much pain before. Now, I can ride my bike again without pain and function normally on a daily basis. I am pain free, thanks to Dr. Weinberg!”
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