Falling Out of Love with Your Hair? Fall in Love Again with Bauman Medical’s Help

Fall in Love Again with Bauman Medical’s Help

by Alan J. Bauman, MD, ABHRS

Want to give your hair some love this month? Consider breaking up with…

  • Combovers (unless you’re a gangster)
  • Baseball caps (when you’re not at a baseball game)
  • Over-the-counter topicals (with a side of towel)
  • Hair growth supplements (one more thing to remember)
  • Shaving your head (unless you enjoy getting a sunburn) or
  • Needles (except the knitting kind)

We have just what the doctor ordered.

Bauman MedicalBauman Medical specializes in helping people grow hair they’ll love forever, through thick and thin (well, more like to thick from thin), without resorting to sloppy, drippy, uncomfortable, embarrassing, or inconvenient measures they definitely wouldn’t love.

Some folks might call us “SuperHairoes.” (I know, that’s corny), but at Bauman Medical, we practically leap tall buildings in a single bound, like a passionate suitor, to deliver the latest, greatest hair enhancement treatments to our follicly challenged patients. The “mane attractions” of our clinic include remedies that are painless, comfortable, and discreet. Oh, and they help you grow the best hair you’ve had in years.

A fan favorite is TED.
TED (TransEpidermal Delivery) is one of the most exciting innovations in hair restoration that we’ve seen in years, and we adopted its use as soon as the studies convinced me it was safe and effective.

It’s especially ideal for people who’ve avoided getting medical treatment for their thinning hair because they’re averse to surgery or having their blood drawn for traditional regenerative procedures. TED is needle-free, pain-free, requires no anesthesia of any kind, and is highly effective.

Your skin (including your scalp) is designed to keep out moisture and other substances we might come into contact with in our environment. This is generally good for our health but not ideal if we’re trying to get beneficial substances past this barrier to treat certain conditions.
First, we apply a specialized topical hair growth serum on your scalp in the treatment zone.

We then employ a high-tech device that looks like a small massage tool. The TED handpiece is moved slowly over the scalp, emitting safe ultrasonic sound waves and air pressure. (This process is known as sonophoresis.)

The 20-25-minute process gently enhances the penetration of the serum into the scalp by temporarily increasing scalp permeability. At the same time, increased blood flow optimizes scalp health and powerful growth factors and peptides stimulate hair follicles to produce thicker, stronger, healthier hair. This FDA-cleared Class 1 medical device is clinically proven to start minimizing shedding and improving hair growth and scalp health within minutes.

Low-level laser therapy (also known as red light therapy or photobiomodulation)
The medical grade Bauman TURBO LaserCap® is FDA-cleared for hair regrowth. This low-level laser device is portable, hands-free, cordless, rechargeable, and fast, requiring only five minutes of treatment per day for improved hair growth at home. It’s drug- and chemical-free with no risk of side effects and small enough to fit under Santa’s hat.

Proper and consistent use of medical-grade low-level laser therapy has been scientifically proven to improve hair quality, strength, and thickness, as well as promote hair regrowth. (Hint: Stay away from clunky helmets and weak consumer versions seen online, as they are almost certainly underpowered, and many aren’t very portable.)

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma): A comfortable in-office procedure that takes about an hour with no recovery time, downtime, or significant risk. Derived from a small blood sample, platelets and plasma are separated from other components of the blood, concentrated, then painlessly applied into the scalp under local anesthesia where weak or at-risk hair follicles exist. When performed using the appropriate number and concentration of platelets and proper application techniques, you can expect hair growth improvements that last a year or more from a single treatment. Requires once-yearly treatment.

PDOgro™: Researched and developed right here at Bauman Medical, we were the first hair restoration clinic in the U.S. to use PDO threads to enhance hair growth. PDO, or polydioxanone, is a synthetic absorbable FDA-cleared material. Used for decades in surgery, and more recently in aesthetic procedures to reverse the appearance of skin aging, PDO threads placed into the scalp have been shown to stimulate hair regrowth. Typically performed in combination with PRP in a no-downtime “lunch-break” procedure, the threads are comfortably applied into the scalp. They dissolve and are absorbed over time, safely stimulating collagen production, new blood vessel formation, and a release of powerful rejuvenating growth factors. Requires once-yearly treatment.

The PDOgro™ procedure may help prevent or reduce the need for future hair transplantation by stopping, slowing, or reversing hair loss.

VIP|FUE™ hair transplant procedure
VIP|FUE™ offers patients all the advantages of traditional minimally invasive FUE (follicular unit extraction) – no linear scar and a quicker, more comfortable recovery. (FUE involves extracting individual hair follicles from a donor area and transplanting them to the balding area.)

VIP|FUE™ is the only transplant procedure that doesn’t require the donor area to be trimmed or shaved. Hair left in the donor area remains the same length through the procedure and recovery. It’s the ultimate in discretion because your hairstyle does not change. through the process.

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The love your hair will get at Bauman Medical might trump confections and roses (but we love those too). So set your heart on contacting us today to see how we can help the love for your hair grow along with your hair actually growing.

Call 561-220-3480 to schedule your private one-on-one in-person or virtual consultation at www.baumanmedical.com.

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