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Introducing LifeCall – The most important call you’ll ever make.

LifeCalAre you prepared for an unexpected emergency? Is your loved one? What will you do if you are alone and you fall, get hurt, or need emergency help?
Founded in 2003 by Stephen Palermo, LifeCall is family-owned and operated. A former resident of Rochester, NY, Stephen relocated to Palm Beach County nearly two decades ago. Using the knowledge he gained during his 40 years of experience working in the life safety and security industry, Stephen saw a great need for a quality medical alert system and reliable service for the aging population. Stephen and the LifeCall team are dedicated to protecting older Americans every day, providing greater security and independence, and allowing them to stay longer in their own homes. This dedication has helped grow a company that started by provided services to local communities only to one that has a national footprint, shipping systems across the entire country.
Emergency help with the press of a button.
Personal emergency response systems (PERS), such as those offered by LifeCall, can help older adults to remain independent and in their own homes. The devices also are reassuring to adult children who know that if an aging parent suffers a fall or, worse, a stroke or heart attack, immediate help and medical attention will be summoned.
In the case of an emergency, appropriate assistance can be dispatched with the simple press of a button on an alarm worn around the neck or wrist. Single-press activation transmits to a base unit that dials out to an emergency response monitoring center. Certified EMT’s on call 24/7/365 pick up and ask the client if there’s an emergency and they need help.  Then, based on response (or lack thereof) they dispatch EMTs, fire, police or family, friends and neighbors.
Many people can benefit from having a LifeCall system. Medical alert systems are beneficial for seniors who wish to continue living independently in their own home, as well as people of any age who live alone, those who have elevated risks of falling, and young people with disabilities.
LifeCall offers high quality products and services that can be tailored to meet your individual needs.  LifeCall is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and their systems are strongly recommended by doctors, hospitals and healthcare professionals.
The four main categories of products offered are as follows:
Standard: LifeCall Basic system, for seniors and at-risk persons who spend most of their time at home alone.
Advanced: LifeCall FallAlert system, detects when a fall occurs and promptly signal an emergency Response Center to send the help that is needed.
Cellular: LifeCall Wireless system, designed for users who desire protection in an emergency but do not have a traditional phone line.
Mobile: LifeCall MobileAlert system, for active users who desire protection in an emergency at home and away from home.
LifeCall systems are affordable and reliable.
Stephen developed LifeCall with the underlying belief that safety should not be expensive. “We pride ourselves on providing the best possible life safety equipment and service at the most affordable price,” he exclaims.
LifeCall requires no equipment purchase, no activation or cancellation fees, no long-term contracts, and offers a lifetime price guarantee. Plans start at less than $1 per day.
Should you consider LifeCall?
The LifeCall systems are designed to keep people independent and safe regardless of age or disability. Users have immediate access to emergency services, any time of the day or night, seven days a week. LifeCall is about protection and has earned a reputation for strong relationships with their clients, where they educate and talk to families, answering all questions they may have.
An online Needs Assessment test is also available at to help determine one’s level of risk and readiness for a Medical Alert system.
Since its founding, the LifeCall organization has been defined by a family-first philosophy that has guided their mission: to help seniors and at-risk persons seeking to retain their independence and remain in their own homes. By engaging a caring team of dedicated professionals who share that passion, LifeCall Medical Alert Systems is – and will continue to be – at the forefront of providing the very best in-home health care monitoring solutions. And by offering a level of integrity, personal attention and service excellence that are simply unmatched, they have built friendships and relationships with their clients and their families that are the envy of the industry.

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