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Life Brings Stress, Pain and Health Issues: Isn’t it Time to Fight Back

By Richard A. Reiner, D.C.

De-stress, Detox, Cleanse and Rejuvenate for a Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle.

Pain and Health IssuesThe new “Buzz” word in Health Care today is DETOX. There are more articles written every month about Detox than ever before, but most articles are 20% based on facts and 80% the opinion of the author. Television shows like Dr. Oz have episodes every month on someone’s method to detox the body and books are published like Suzanne Somers, Tox-Sick. All are well intended to educate the public, but the problem they all have in common is that they refer to symptom based detoxification, not necessarily cause based.
We’re all familiar with Einstein’s definition of insanity, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” This is exactly what everyone does. One person tells you to drink a special tea, perhaps an herbal blend or a combination of fruits and vegetables. If someone really discovered the “Detox Cure,” it would become a household word like Kleenex and Clorox.
The only way to truly Detox is not to take any specific product. You can’t expect to take something and have it cleanse your body. You have to get back to basics rather than eat or drink something; you have to remove the barrier of health first.
We should follow the example set by farmers. After harvesting their crops, they don’t fertilize and plant seeds. They prep the land by tilling and removing the old “stuff” from the ground. Then, and only then, can they plant the next season’s crop. We shouldn’t treat our bodies any differently. How do we “prep” our bodies? After all, toxins have been absorbed by our cells, pores and organs over time. Don’t expect to drink or eat something and have it disappear. It’s as if you have a teflon coating in your body. Products don’t get absorbed, they just slide through.
How do you know if your body has toxins in it? If you eat, drink and breathe, you have toxins. It’s the toxins once absorbed that cause the body to go through degenerative changes. When you turned 30, did you feel as flexible as you did at age 20? When you turned 40 did you feel like you did at 30, etc…of course not. The wear and tear on your body is due in part to toxicity. This leads to degenerative conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, immune disorders, joint pain and even cancer.
Once you make the commitment to Detox, the only real way that gives you visible results is to follow a very specific treatment protocol. There are no short cuts. Anyone over the age of 14 is eligible to do it. The only restrictions are: women who are pregnant or nursing, anyone with a battery implant like a pacemaker, anyone with an organ transplant, or cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.
OK-What is the treatment to DETOX? Remember, the basis to cleanse is not to add products to a body that is clogged; it’s to remove the blockages. You’re going to give your body a “roto-rooter.” After all, when your sink is clogged you don’t add more stuff to it expecting it to drain; you have to remove the blockage. What a concept!
We start with a lymphatic drainage massage to increase lymphatic flow in the body, moving stagnant fluids to reduce swelling and inflammation. The far infra-red sauna emits waves into your body to stimulate cellular metabolism and breaks up water molecules which hold toxins, allowing the body to expel the toxins through perspiration. The ionic foot bath has the water go through electrolysis to become negatively charged ions. These negative ions attract the positive ions which are the toxins in our bodies, pulling them out through the pores of your feet. Enhanced air is provided to enable the body to function better. You’ll feel relaxed, lighter and experience a greater sense of well being.
You deserve a Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle.
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