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Navigating the Medicare Puzzle

Navigating  the Medicare PuzzleDoes Medicare confuse you? You are not alone. Medicare is a complicated program. Wisely managing your Medicare benefits starts with understanding the facts. Age 65 is an exciting time in your life. It’s the beginning of a whole new chapter that encompasses the whole you (body, mind and spirit).

Aetna Medicare is more than a typical insurer; we are a health company and we are devoted to helping you realize your health ambitions, big and small. We hope to join you in your health journey by turning your ambitions into achievements so you can age actively.

How do you know you’re getting the best advice?
Guidance and support go a long way towards achieving your best health. That’s why Aetna representatives help simplify Medicare and connect you to the right coverage, resources and care.

What Do I Need to Know About Medicare?
Medicare is a sophisticated system, but maneuvering your way through the maze is the tricky part. You’ll want to have the best coverage based on what your income will allow.

Medicare has several parts:
• Part A (hospital)
• Part B (physician & out-patient services)
• Part C (Medicare Advantage Plan)
• Part D (prescription drug coverage)

Because (Original) Medicare only covers approximately 80% of Part B expenses, most individuals will need to enroll in supplemental coverage to cover the cost associated with outpatient services. We understand that a total approach to health and wellness may be different for each of our members. That’s why we offer a choice of Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Prescription Drug Plans (PDP)
for supporting your unique health ambitions.

Having the right amount of coverage is key to taking care of the whole you. That’s why we offer Medicare Advantage plans that cover your doctors (Part B), hospitalization (Part A) and prescription drugs (Part D) in one simple plan – some with added benefits for dental, vision care and fitness. Medicare Advantage includes PPO & HMO plans, which have co-pays or deductibles instead of the 20% balance that Medicare does not cover. The benefits depend upon the plan you select.

A Medicare Supplement plan (sometimes called, MediGap) may help protect your savings and peace of mind. Aetna Medicare Supplement plans are designed to fill the coverage gaps left by Original Medicare and place a firm limit on how much you pay each year. One of the benefits of pairing a Medicare supplement insurance
plan with Medicare is the flexibility. You can use any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare, and a network does not limit you. We have several plan options in Palm Beach county for you to choose from, including plans with dental benefits such as fillings, crowns, dentures, implants, X-rays, cleanings and more.

If you do choose a Medicare Supplement, it is important to add an additional PDP to cover your Prescriptions. Medicare Supplement plans do not include prescription drug coverage.

Sometimes feeling your best requires the right combination of prescription drugs. Since Medicare has no coverage for Part D, Aetna Medicare has a range of PDPs to support your health ambitions. They include a 60,000-strong pharmacy network. And, with a broad list of covered drugs – changes are good yours are on it.

How do I find out more?
At Aetna Medicare, we understand the more you learn the more you know. In fact, Aetna has a legacy of caring for the whole person, providing care, trust and access to Medicare coverage since 1966. And, Aetna representatives advocate for our members’ best health by helping them get the most from their benefits, building trust and always providing a clear path to care.

Lisa Sachs is a licensed Field Sales Representative in Palm Beach County and has been a proud Aetna employee for ten years. She loves working with the senior community and is passionately dedicated to her clients. Lisa assists people with Medicare parts A and B, with enrollment in the HMO, PPO, POS and SNP (special needs plans for those with Medicaid) offered by Aetna. Her duties don’t stop there though as she also specializes and assists members to see if they possibly qualify for additional government programs offered by the state of Florida such as Medicaid and the Extra Help program through Social Security. She believes in always being as available as possible and insists upon the highest level of customer service.“ Sometimes just picking up your phone and sincerely showing that you care, is all someone might need at the moment”, she says.” She makes a point to do just that by keeping her phone close to her at all times and even taking calls on weekends and holidays. “I feel the need to treat my clients the way I would want someone to treat my Mother or Father. Medicare can be a bit confusing and she prides herself on taking as much time as needed to fully explain the benefits of each plan and the enrollment process.

For a phone or in house appointment Lisa can be reached at your convenience seven days a week at (561) 818-4205 | lasachs@aetna.com

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