July 11, 2020 - Saturday

No Guts, No Glory…

If our Gut is dysfunctional we can not enjoy the Glory of good health.
No Guts, No Glory…The most common ailment today is the inability to digest our foods efficiently. People that are experiencing symptoms like heart burn, reflux, leaky gut, ulcers, bloating, burping and irritable bowels are suffering from an imbalance of beneficial and harmful bacterias due to lack of adequate cellular oxygen levels. These under oxygenated cells are over ridden with toxins that enter in to our body through our foods, water and the air we breathe.
Chemicals like Round-up and 100’s of other herbicides and pesticides are sprayed freely over our farms. Unfortunately they all have what’s called a “drift factor” which means they travel with the wind and contaminate vegetation and water supplies near and far. Unknowingly, we ingest foods tainted with these toxic chemicals everyday to one degree or another.
When our digestive tract is under
oxygenated, lacking hydrochloric acid, low on enzymes and not reinforced with a large population of good bacterias  we fall prey to undigested foods that putrefy and suffocate the tissue in the gut. The ingested toxins can now go to work weakening and destroying the tight junctions between the cells that create the intestinal wall. The great wall that houses 70% of your immune system starts tumbling down.
Without our first line of defense functioning properly, foreign matter and harmful substances enter the blood stream. Now our immune system calls the second line of defense known as the white blood cells. We have several kinds of these
special task force cells to handle different invaders ie: bacterias, viruses, parasites, chemicals etc. If the blood stream becomes chronically overridden with invaders, the immune system stays on high alert overworking night and day. This is the road to auto-immune diseases.
This is a quick general overview of the important role our digestive system plays in the level of our health. The most basic element we take for granted everyday is oxygen (O2). This keeps our body working on all levels starting a single cell to every functioning system in our body.
Super oxygen (O3) is the reinforced “new and improved” version of O2! We need super reinforcement to maintain health in a super toxic environment. Super Oxygen is a powerful life sustaining and healing substance. It’s a very effective detoxifying agent, a premium blood cleanser, the most potent natural antibiotic and the conductor to the orchestra of the immune system.
There are several ways to oxygenate your body and digestive tract with O3. You can flood your body with O3 through the skin while sitting comfortably in a personal sauna with customized rife frequency settings and temperature regulation. Drinking oxygenated water and using ozonated oil for ingestion and topical use offers many health benefits.
Super Oxygen can be localized for more concentrated penetration to target specific areas of the body. Techniques such as cupping, limb bagging and intravenous delivery systems are various methods the body can receive super oxygen directly. Insufflations through the ears are very effective for brain fog, inflammation, sinus conditions, memory dysfunction etc.
Our digestive system is our immune system and it is the rock that our house of health is built upon. Super Oxygen, minerals, enzymes, clean oxygenated water, a clean colon, mental, emotional and spiritual balance are the jewels of vibrant health that create your crown of glory!
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