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Protect Your Eyes from Harmful UV Light

Protect Your Eyes from Harmful UV LightEvery day of the year we are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. This is true whether it is winter or summer or sunny or cloudy outside. Since UV radiation is invisible to the eye, we often don’t realize how much exposure we are getting.
Most people are aware that the sun can cause burning, wrinkling and other damage to the skin over time. But the sun can be just as damaging to the eyes. Too much unprotected exposure to UV radiation can cause “photokeratitis” – a sunburn of the eye. This causes eye redness, sensitivity to light and tearfulness. Fortunately, the symptoms of photokeratitis usually don’t last long.
However, long periods of exposure to UV radiation can often cause permanent damage to the eye. UV exposure can lead to cataracts (a clouding of the lens of the eye) and also damage the retina. Both conditions can seriously impair your vision.
Adults and children
both need protection from UV rays
Adults and children alike are subject to the damaging effects of UV rays. Fortunately, this damage can be prevented by wearing sunglasses that provide UV eye protection. Children spend more of their time outdoors and are therefore more susceptible to the harmful affects of UV rays. The risk for children is also higher because the lens in their eye doesn’t block as much UV light as adults. For this reason, children should wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection when they are playing outdoors.
Adults should remember that certain medications, such as birth control pills, sulfa drugs, diuretics and tranquilizers can increase your increase your risk of eye disease or impairment. Excessive exposure to UV rays can cause macular degeneration, cataracts and cancer among other diseases.
The damage from harmful UV radiation is cumulative over a person’s lifetime. Because the damage is cumulative, it is important to protect your eyes every day in all light conditions.
Sunglasses – the smart way
to protect your eyes
Fortunately, protecting yourself and your children from the harmful effects of UV rays is easy. Wearing sunglasses with 100% UV protection is the best way to shield your eyes from the sun as well as dust and other particles that can irritate the eyes. Mark Adelman at MDA Sunglass Collections can assist you in finding a pair of sunglasses (with or without a prescription) that suit your needs and your lifestyle.
Sunglass lenses should be gray, green or brown and the larger the lenses the better the protection.
Wraparound sunglasses provide an extra measure of protection. MDA offers a vast selection of fashionable sunglasses to meet your every need and protect your eyes. Visit Mark at the Big Apple Bazaar. MDA Sunglass Collections for all your eye needs.
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