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RejuvaEnhancement® a Groundbreaking New Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease and Penile Enlargement

RejuvaEnhancement® a Groundbreaking New Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease and Penile EnlargementPeyronie’s Disease
Peyronie’s disease is defined as relating to symptoms. Peyronies is a build up of scar tissue in the penis that causes a curvature or bend in the erected penis. This disorder typically causes a great deal of pain during intercourse
Go Beyond Medication –
Treat the Root Cause

Simply Men’s Health is a leader in men’s health and a pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine. They were the first to introduce Acoustic Pressure Wave therapy in South Florida, and now Simply Men’s Health is revolutionizing the field of men’s health by introducing the state-of-the-art procedure called, RejuvaEnhancement®. This method helps to reverse the inevitable aging process and treat Peyronie’s disease and restore penis size.
What are Regenerative Medicine and
the RejuvaEnhancement® Procedure?

Regenerative medicine, rather than treating symptoms, shifts the body into a healing and restoration state by providing the body with stem cells (the building blocks), growth factors and platelets that stimulate the body’s natural healing process.
The Power of Stem Cells?
Stem cells have the potential to differentiate into many different types of cells and can serve as an internal repair system and can replace damaged or worn out tissue. Pluripotent stem cells, derived from amniotic/placental tissue have essentially unlimited potential to become any type of cell in the body. Adult stem derived from either bone marrow or fat cells are limited to the type of cell they can develop into.
Simply Men’s Health
RejuvaEnhancement® Procedure

The RejuvaEnhancement® procedure combines growth factors and stem cells from your own blood with live, cryogenically-preserved, pluripotent stem cells and growth factors derived from human placentas and amniotic. The amniotic allograft contains over 75 growth factors; cytokines, collagen and stem cell activators, which call the bodies, own stem cells. In addition, the cryogenically preserved allograft contains LIVE PLURIPOTENT stem cells and fibroblasts, which promotes cell repair and tissue regeneration to help restore your sexual vitality.
Is it safe?
Yes. This cryogenically preserved amniotic tissue has a “100-year history” with no reported recipient rejections since the amniotic tissue is immunoprivileged and does not express HLA type antibodies.
The amniotic tissue is obtained only from live, healthy births. NO EMBRYONIC TISSUES OR NO TISSUE FROM ABORTED FETUSES ARE EVER USED. The amniotic tissue is obtained through aseptic recovery techniques during a planned Caesarian section of full-term deliveries from a healthy woman aged 18-35 who have been prescreened according to the FDA and American Association of Tissue Banks guidelines for infectious disease and have under extensive testing and screening.
How to Get Started?
At Simply Men’s Health, we respect your time and privacy. You receive individualized care with our experienced staff of physicians. We pinpoint the exact cause of your issues and create a customized treatment plan. With the advent of Regenerative medicine, penile issues and the inevitable part of aging are no longer an issue. Simply Men’s Health’s innovative approach of regenerative medicine can restore you to a healthier, younger you! They also treat men’s hair loss, allowing people to regrow their own hair with their exclusive RejuvaHair® Amniotic Stem Cell therapy.
What Our Patients
are saying?

“I’ve been coming to Simply Men’s Health for several months, but I never told my girlfriend. After my second treatment, my girlfriend remarked that my penis was getting bigger.” 
Anthony Z.
“I am in my 70’s and have diabetes, high cholesterol and had my prostate cancer and my prostate removed several years ago. I had tried everything. After my very first treatment, my penis size increased in both length and girth. Now after about six months, the results have been amazing. The RejuvaEnhancement® procedure is remarkable. I feel like Superman.” 
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