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REJUVAnation™ – Amniotic and Umbilical Cord STEM CELL therapy CURE Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease STOP the Pain – Don’t Operate REGENERATE

Get Your Life Back with Stem Cell Therapy
REJUVAnation™REJUVAnation Medical Center is a leader and pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine and a R3 Stem cell clinic, a national leader in stem cell therapy. Amniotic and Umbilical Cord Stem Cell therapy has been used hundreds of thousands of times worldwide for regeneration and repair of body tissue. Stem cell therapy, from FDA regulated and approved biological labs, takes advantage of your own body’s ability to repair itself naturally.
REJUVAnation Medical Center regenerative therapy is so exceptional because:
Combines Amniotic and Umbilical Cord Stem Cells, PRP Platelet Rich Plasma and RejuvaWAVE®
Has live stem cells from FDA regulated labs for safety which is our utmost priority
No heed to harvest anything from patients
No rejection issues and no ethical concerns
Very safe and studies show excellent outcomes
What is a Stem Cell?
Stem Cells are undifferentiated biological cell types obtained from the amniotic fluid and amniotic membranes or from the umbilical cord that can differentiate into various cell types that can help your body repair, regenerative and restore your health and vitality.
Potential Benefits of  REJUVAnation Stem Cell Procedures?
CURE Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease. No Pills, No Needles, No surgery. Enjoy a spontaneous sex life again.
Walk, run, golf and swim again PAIN FREE. Stop the pain, don’t operate.
Avoid knee replacement surgery.
Alleviate the pain and inflammation of degenerative arthritis.
Stop the progression of neuropathy and future damage.
Sports injuries, tendonitis – optimize and speed up healing.
Kidney Failure
Chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases
Help heal chronic skin conditions and wound healing.
Regrow your OWN hair without surgery
Anti-aging: look and feel younger and reduce wrinkles. “Stem cell facelift”
CURE ED and PEYRONIE’S: Instead of medicating CURE with RejuvaWAVE®
Simply Men’s Health at REJUVAnation Medical Center revolutionized the field of men’s sexual health by introducing and developing the ground breaking RejuvaWAVE® and RejuvaEnhancement™ Procedure to help reverse the inevitable aging process and treat ED and Peyronie’s disease.
It’s natural for men to experience a decline in sexual performance as they age. Almost everyone by the age of 50 to 60 will experience some decline in sexual performance. But with the advent of RejuvaWAVE® and Regenerative Stem Cell therapy, Erectile Dysfunction is no longer an inevitable part of aging. Kiss Viagra, the pills and needles goodbye. Simply Men’s Health REJUVAnation Medical Center has revolutionized the standard of care by introducing the only ED treatment that CURES erectile dysfunction. RejuvaWAVE® is revolutionary, non-invasive, and HEALS the underlying cause of ED. RejuvaWAVE® uses FDA-cleared, scientifically proven technology of Acoustic Pressure Waves to stimulate cellular metabolism, enhance blood circulation and to stimulate tissue regeneration, which creates new blood vessels in treated areas. Traditional ED treatments such as pills or injections, loose effectiveness over time and have to be used every time a man wants to perform. Simply Men’s Health RejuvaWAVE® treatment is about regenerative medicine and treating and curing the underlying cause of ED with regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine shifts the body into a healing and restoration state and helps men return to their younger healthier selves and to enjoy a Spontaneous and Active sex life again!
Is RejuvaWAVE® SAFE?
Yes. RejuvaWAVE® is an FDA cleared technology, originally developed in Europe and used world-wide. RejuvaWAVE® uses state-of-the-art technology that has extensive applications including orthopedic medicine, urology and anti-aging. RejuvaWAVE® has virtually no risk and no side effects. Although acoustic pressure wave technology has been used for over 15 years to treat ED in Europe, it is relatively new to the United States for Erectile Dysfunction. As the leader in men’s sexual health, Simply Men’s Health introduced this technology in the spring of 2015, and the results have been nothing short of amazing.
STEM CELLS for ED and Peyronie’s: RejuvaEnhancement™ Procedure?
RejuvaWAVE® stimulates your body’s own healing response and creates new blood vessels and regenerates tissue in the area treated. The RejuvaEnhancement™ Procedure combines the growth factors and stem cells from your own body with live, cryogenically-preserved multipotent stem cells and hundreds of growth factors and cytokines derived from human placenta, amniotic and umbilical cord tissues which activate your own body’s stem cells. In addition, LIVE multipotent stem cells and fibroblasts in this allograft promote cell repair and tissue regeneration working synergistically with and magnifying the effects of RejuvaWAVE® to restore patients to their younger healthier selves. Rather than relying on oral medications or injections as a temporary fix before each sexual activity, patients enjoy can enjoy a spontaneous and active sex life again. Also , this procedure can increase both the length and girth of the penis by up to one inch.
Stem cells have the potential to differentiate into many different types of cells and can serve as an internal repair system, which can replace damaged or worn out tissue. Multipotent stem cells, derived from amniotic-placental tissue and umbilical cord have virtually unlimited potential to become any type of cell in the body. Adult stem cells derived from either bone marrow or fat cells are limited to the type of cells they can develop into. In addition, as one ages the quantity and the quality of stem cells obtained from bone marrow and fat drops exponentially and 80% of the stem cells derived from fat die within two days.
Yes. The cryogenically preserved amniotic and umbilical tissue has a many year history with no reported recipient rejections since these tissues are immune-privileged and do not express HLA type antibodies.
The tissues are obtained only form live, healthy births. NO EMBRYONIC TISSUES OR NO TISSUE FROM ABORTED FETUSES ARE EVER USED. The amniotic and umbilical cord tissue is obtained through aseptic recovery techniques during a planned Caesarian section of full-term deliveries from a healthy woman aged 18-35 who have been prescreened according to the FDA and American Association of Tissue Banks guidelines for infectious disease and have undergone extensive testing and screening.
REJUVAnation Medical Center and Simply Men’s Health are dedicated to providing cutting-edge, minimally invasive methods to STOP and reverse the effects of the aging process and help your body to repair, regenerate, restore and heal itself. We see incredible results and can help you regain your vitality.
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