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Target Neck Pain with the MCU

By Marc A. Weinberg, DC –
Target Neck Pain with the MCUFor most of his adult life, Alan Greenstein, had very severe problems in the neck area: a lot of pain, tightness, and muscles that were as hard as rocks. Alan used to describe his neck muscles as concrete blocks that omit tremendous amount of pain.
Although Alan was never able to pinpoint the cause of his pain on a particular event, he believes that being in an auto accident when he was in his mid twenties was the origin of his problems. A woman, rushing to get to her husband’s office to deliver New Year’s Eve party supplies, drove through a traffic light and broadsided the vehicle Alan was in.
Like most auto collisions, Alan didn’t experience any major pain immediately. It took a couple of years, but Alan believes the pinched nerves and neck-related pain resulted from that accident. After a few years, the pain became very intense and at times unbearable.
For more than 30 years following that collision, Alan sought relief from the pain by trying a variety of treatments and therapies. Unfortunately, nothing proved effective at keeping the pain away for very long. After exhausting every kind of doctor and therapy – both traditional and nontraditional – available, Alan still hadn’t found relief from the intense neck pains he was experiencing. He even went through a regimen of steroid injections to try to relieve the pain, but they weren’t helpful either. Sure, some of the treatments resulted in temporary relief but the pain always returned.
Alan recalls that for many years everyday tasks were often very painful. Going to a movie or reading for long periods of time could be torture, and because his professional life required sitting at a desk and working on a computer he seemed to be in pain more days than not.
Call it what you may, pure luck or divine intervention, on a trip to visit her sister in Boca, Alan’s wife saw a TV program that featured Dr. Marc A. Weinberg, DC, of Active Health Center at Weinberg Chiropractic and the Multi-Cervical Unit, or MCU he uses to treat patients. In December 2009 Alan consulted Dr. Weinberg to learn more about MCU treatments and the surprisingly successful effective solution to eliminating the pain.
A snowbird from Massachusetts, Alan was skeptical but he chose to set aside his doubts and came to Florida to be tested to see if Dr. Weinberg’s treatment could actually help him. “I called and spoke with Dr. Weinberg, and what impressed my wife and me was that Dr. Weinberg said, You don’t have to come all the way to Florida. There are other places that have these machines. He wasn’t a salesman on the process; he was genuinely concerned about me finding relief.”
According to Dr. Weinberg, and Alan agrees, even if you’ve had unsatisfactory results with numerous other treatments, you can still get great results and reduced pain when the neck is strengthened in the right directions using the MCU.
Active Health Center acquired the MCU II, in November 2008 and became the first practice in the state of Florida to treat patients with the MCU. With only one-hundred-thirty such machines in the world, Dr. Weinberg and his team are proud to have one in South Florida. After seeing such great patient results, two other Florida offices have added the MCU technology to their offices.
Treatments with the MCU has been used by Major League Baseball, the National Football League, major research facilities, and air forces around the world, including the US Air Force.
“The MCU is diagnostic as well as therapeutic,” says Dr. Weinberg. “Once we find the source of weakness in the neck, the machine goes to work. There is no other machine out there that will actually locate the source of neck weakness as accurately and in as many directions as the MCU II does. Neck weakness is the piece of the neck pain puzzle that most other treatments mistakenly ignore, and that’s why the pain frequently returns once these other treatments are stopped.”
His ongoing success with the treatment landed Dr. Weinberg a speaking role at a convention in South Carolina last year to teach his peers about the connection between chronic neck pain and neck weakness. While preparing for his presentation, he discovered an abundance of medical research validating the importance of diagnosing neck weakness and, more importantly, the need for treatment with the MCU II.
Even though the MCU looks and works like a weightlifting machine for the neck, a patient doesn’t have to be a weightlifter to user it. The unit is completely painless and easy to use. Best of all, patients typically see and feel results in as little as three weeks. Alan is now among the growing list of Dr. Weinberg’s patient success stories.
Although Active Health Center does offer chiropractic care, Dr. Weinberg explains that the MCU is not considered a chiropractic treatment. “We even have patients who go to other doctors, including chiropractors, and just come here for the MCU. People can actually use the MCU for strengthening and still keep their current chiropractor for other treatments. It works out great.”
As in Alan’s case, MCU treatments often offer relief for those who have found no solution to their neck pain, because it is able to isolate where the weaknesses are and then strengthen those areas.
Alan was so thrilled with the results of his nine-week regimen that he elected to take the treatment one step further and add an additional three weeks to his original treatment plan. After experiencing quite a bit of relief following the prescribed treatment, he wanted to see if by continuing treatment for three more weeks he could return home with even better results. As a result, over ninety percent of the muscles in his neck were where they were supposed to be, leaving his neck feeling like it hadn’t felt at any point in his mature adult years. Needless to say, Alan was very satisfied with the MCU treatments.
Alan recalls that after returning to Boston he continued to reap the benefits of the MCU treatments he received here in Florida. “I went home to Boston afterwards and it was a whole different experience for me, not having the pain that I had lived with for so long. And I became sort of a disciple for Dr. Weinberg’s practice. Even when I was sick in the hospital with pneumonia, I called Dr. Weinberg,” he confirms, “and I told him, My neck feels great!”
When he and his wife visit Florida now, Alan drops in to see Dr. Weinberg for an occasional “tune-up,” simply because he likes the way it makes his neck feel. He also admits that he enjoys seeing the staff of Active Health Center when he’s in town. “I just felt comfortable from the minute I went in there,” he says. “When you go through this process, you spend a lot of time there – three times a week for nine weeks – and they really make you feel like part of their family. It was a good feeling. Dr. Weinberg is a very reassuring individual, a very nice guy, and the people in his office are great.”
If you have been suffering with persistent pain, have exhausted all other option, and are skeptical of the results seen by patients treated with the MCU, Alan offers this bit of reassurance. “I would look anyone in the eye who is skeptical and tell them, I’m not claiming that Dr. Weinberg can help everything…but I can tell you I was one of the worst cases he would ever see, in terms of resurrecting neck muscles. Many of the doctors I consulted would testify that it was a hopeless case, in their opinion. So he did a wonderful job for me, and I think the world of what he’s doing.”
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