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MEDICAL PROCEDURESWhat if you could save thousands or even $10,000 on a medical procedure while enjoying a trip to a beautiful tropical paradise? The fact is, you can and many Americans do just that. According to the Medical Tourism Association (www.medicaltourismassociation.com), one million-plus Americans visit international destinations every year to have medical procedures including bariatric surgery, hip and knee replacements, cosmetic surgery, and even dental work – all at up to one-third the cost of these procedures in the US.
More and more Americans are finding themselves either uninsured or underinsured due the economy, the high cost of health insurance, or problems with the Affordable Care Act. Baby boomers are finding themselves needing hip replacements; knee replacements, shoulder surgery, even extensive dental work and no insurance or limited deductibles may put these needed procedures on hold. There is another option. High quality medical procedures outside the US, in nearby places like Costa Rica, can be performed for one-third the cost of the same procedure in a South Florida hospital. Consider Carl, a 60-year old Palm Beach area resident. Due to a number of factors, Carl does not have full coverage health insurance and he has been told he needs a total hip replacement expected to cost $50,000-60,000. Carl can have the same hip replacement, by highly trained and often board-certified surgeons, in an accredited hospital in Costa Rica for approximately $16,000 and the procedure can be scheduled in as little as two weeks. In order to save close to $40,000, Carl will need to make a 2.5 hour flight to San Jose, Costa Rica, and stay in beautiful tropical paradise with his wife – sounds good, right?
How does somebody like Carl find out about surgery in Costa Rica? How does somebody like Carl connect with the hospital and surgeons for a hip replacement? How does somebody like Carl make arrangements to stay in Costa Rica prior to and after the surgery? How does somebody like Carl get passports for him and his wife? The answer to all of the above is to use a service specialized in medical tourism like South Florida-based, Global Healthcare Concierge, LTD. Global Healthcare Concierge (GHC) takes care of everything – travel arrangements, passports, hospital and physician arrangements, post-operative care, medical complications insurance, even getting to the airport and back home in the driveway again. GHC provides the assistance of a concierge in Costa Rica to take care of virtually every need, including tours and local sightseeing. Not only do patients receive world-class healthcare in a JIC-accredited hospital and expert clinical care from a team of top physicians and surgeons, they also enjoy a tropical paradise and warm hospitality – all while saving a significant amount of money.
Should Carl and his wife be concerned about the hospitals and doctors outside the US? Not at all. Most Americans don’t know that top international hospitals are accredited by the same organization as leading hospitals in the US, meaning they both must meet the same strict standards. The Joint Commission International (JCI) (www.Jointcommissioninternational.org), is the worldwide accrediting organization that carefully inspects hospitals and medical clinics to ensure that these facilities adhere to the highest possible standards of care. This means that the top hospitals in Costa Rica meet the same standards as St Mary’s Hospital in West Palm Beach.
Many Americans express concerns about the doctors in other countries and question whether they are on par with US physicians. The facts are that many of the physicians in international JIC-accredited hospitals have received their medical education and training in some of the best US academic health centers like Johns Hopkins, Harvard, or Duke University. Other physicians have studied and trained in some of the best international medical schools like University of Cambridge in England and Karolinska Institute, Sweden.
Global Healthcare Concierge, LTD is also ready to help patients wanting procedures not covered by insurance such as facelifts, brow lifts, gastric bypass surgery, lap bands, dental implants, and other elective surgeries. GHC will ensure that these patients benefit from world-class medical care and state-of-the-art medical facilities in Costa Rica – and realize dramatic savings. Individuals who are underinsured or uninsured can take advantage of Global Healthcare Concierge’s services in arranging affordable medical procedures within a budget. In some cases, financing is available to help spread out the costs of surgery needed now. Patients who are insured should check with their insurance company to see if medical procedures outside the US are covered, as many insurance companies now encourage procedures outside the US, recognizing the high quality of care and cost savings.
Today, Global Healthcare Concierge is focused on Costa Rica. In the near future, GHC’s destinations will include Thailand, India, and other exotic destinations which offer world-class medical services and facilities and cater to Americans and Europeans seeking an affordable surgery alternative.
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