The Top Ten List for Essential Nutrients that Improve Weight Loss, Speed Metabolism and Provide Hormone Support!

By Gloria Hakkarainen, MD, FACOG, FASBP, FABAARM –
Top 10Are you tired of being tired? Feel like things in 2012 got you really off track with your natural bio-rhythms?
Gained some weight? Feel like you can’t believe that’s your actual weight on the scale? Life can run us over sometimes and we need to have a few of Mother Nature’s tricks on our side to combat the daily stresses of life. Here is a badly needed “essentials” list that every person could benefit from that helps naturally your rev metabolism without long term side effects:
1.    EGCG (EpiGallo Catechin Gallate) – active polyphenol from Green Tea, known anti-oxidant properties and useful for boosting metabolism for thermogenesis, treatment of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Infection, control of blood sugar and potential role for the treatment of atherosclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases. Look for a 70% polyphenol content on the label for best therapeutic results.
2.    Konjac Mannans – a dietary fiber from Asia that is useful for the lowering of the glycemic index of foods, especially when added with mulberry extract. It can also reduce excess cholesterol levels by binding to it in the Gut and bringing LDL cholesterol to the liver for clearance from the body. Konjac roots have also been shown to promote the growth of good bacterial flora in the body.
3.    Probiotics – multiple strains of various bacteria that carry a beneficial role in the body.It has been shown that the correct blend of good bacteria in the body leads to a healthy immune system that is an effective barrier against getting sick! The more science we have on probiotics, the more we know that individuals each have a unique “microbiome” which is their best blend of protective bacteria. These microbes actually coat our membrane surfaces and prevent other harmful invaders from grabbing a foothold to harm us. Even conventionally trained physicians have recognized the importance of these substances. Every time you need to take an antibiotic, always remember to take some natural probiotics in your diet either via foods rich in them or as a supplement. Don’t forget to use prebiotics as well, the insoluble sugars that these good bacteria need to flourish and multiply!!
4.    Irvinga gabonesis – tree that is native to West Africa and seeds are used as a substance that supports leptin (a hormone that controls weight loss/satiety) levels for weight loss management. Irvinga can also be potentially useful for the lowering of undesired cholesterol and improve the body’s ability to control excess sugar levels, thus assisting in the treatment of diabetes.
5.    Relora (Magnolia Officinalis/
Phellodendron amurense blend) – Useful in the curbing of stress related overeating, shown to support adrenal function and these are both Chinese herbs that have been used in traditional Chinese medical clinics for anxiety and to support liver cirrhosis, tuberculosis and meningitis. This combination seems to work well in women who can be prone to stress related binging.
6.    Giggulipids/Guggusterols – resin from sap of the guggul tree from India which supports the optimization of thyroid gland maintenance and function, This herb can also lower fasting blood sugar and insulin levels which can improve patient ability to clear excess sugars. Also in Ayurvedic medicine the guggulsterones have been used for atherosclerosis. Gugguls contains substances that can lower lipid levels in some patients.  Some patients have also had success for the treatment of the redness and inflammation seen in acne.
7.    MIC-B Injection (methionine, inositol, choline & B’s) – all around workhorse that both detoxifies and supports the liver (main detox organ in body) and boosts metabolism in manner that oral supplementation cannot obtain, used often on a weekly basis for active weight loss patients ,it is only obtained thru a physician’s office. MIC B injections also have a combination of essential B vitamins that are useful in the processing of macronutrients, proteins, carbs and fats!!
8.    Green Coffee Bean – extract from unroasted coffee beans. Mostly contains chlorogenic acids which can prevent the build-up of unwanted visceral fat. It can also be used as a an antioxidant and promote the quenching ability of free radical scavengers. It appears that chlorogenic acid has a role in slowing down the release of glucose in the blood stream, thus assisting with weight loss in the body.
9.    Ashwaganda – adaptogenic herb from a shrub found in India that can help a person’s stress level and “adapt” to the situation by either revving up a patient or toning them down due to life’s varying needs for cortisol (our stress hormone). Herbal remedy used in Ayurvedic medicine for many years, it has been most effective for reducing inflammation in the body, treating stress levels and increasing brain function, producing an invigorating effect when needed to stimulate higher order cognitive thought. There compounds are actually flavonoids from the withanolide class and are staples of Ayurvedic medicine.
10.    Raspberry Ketones – natural phenol that comes from raspberries and gives off that characteristic aroma, it can support adiponectin levels in the body which is a hormone made from healthy fat. Adiponectin is shown to be an important substance that promotes the body’s control of weight. Working in balance with leptin, another important weight loss hormone, adiponectin can also be shown to reduce inflammation in the coronary arteries, thus it maybe useful in cardiovascular disease. Look carefully at the label, one should buy the actual ketones and not the synthetic cheaper extracts.
Although one can expect the coming year to be full of many unexpected surprises and challenges, we can be better prepared by the knowledge that when the going gets rough, we humans can cope with grace and success!! Don’t let life’s surprises catch you unaware. Before one begins any nutritional program, remember that it is always important to test for individual nutritional deficiencies. Buying too many supplements can lead to unnecessary loads on the liver and kidney, our two main detox organ systems. Specialized testing via intracellular depletion analysis or extracellular content testing can be useful adjuvants that can tell us a lot of information. Everything looks appealing on the health food store shelf when we hit a certain age! By matching symptoms and known actual deficiencies a patient has the best chances for success and curing issues such as chronic fatigue, progressive blood sugar problems and curbing excess weight gain. So don’t life get ahead of you- be proactive and 2013 can be a year full of great energy, productivity and prosperity!!
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