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True Wealth Comes in Discovering The Road to Health

By Wellness & Hormone Centers of America –
True WealthFinding the path to wellness starts in a unique and personal way. For some, it is a long journey spanning decades while in others it can be triggered by some loss offunction or illness. In either case, individuals begin to focus on pursuing the path to wellness.
Many times the quest for wellness begins out of necessity. One’s medical illness or that of a loved one forces us to wonder why we do
not feel better. Sometimes the blood tests are normal and traditional medicine either does not ask or fails to answer the questions of why we do not feel well.
The Problem With Aging and Illness … SICK CARE
The approach of traditional medicine to illness is triggered when traditional medicine attempts to remedy decades of inadequate organ function that may have contributed to a dysfunctional organ system and ultimately created a dysfunctional process. Typically, it is at this time traditional medicine attempts to remedy illness through surgical procedures and medical treatments.
It is important to note however, the entire effort may not amount to more than a temporary “tune-up.” Patients are often kept alive and the disease process may be temporarily contained at best. We refer to this as sick care. Modern medicine has made extraordinary gains in sick care and now excels in extending the diseased lifespan, frequently at a poor quality oflife to the patient.
Avoiding SICK CARE
What options exist to avoid the misery associated with sick care and the consequences of the aging process?
Frequently, individuals are told that everything possible is being done, but health continues to decline and the disease process
continues. Many become unsatisfied and choose to pursue other alternatives. Some individuals may be on the road to wellness by following simple measures such as:
• Implementing good hygiene
• Eating a nutritious diet
• Stopping use if tobacco and/or alcohol
Others take it further by eating organic foods, losing excess weight and incorporating exercise into their daily activities. But what can be done when one IS In an apparent disease-free state with perfect lab results, and they still do not feel well, at least not as well as they felt in their youth?
Medical benefits obtained from appropriate hormone replacement therapy can be the answer.
Hormone Replacement Therapy and The Road to Wellness
Many health issues can be corrected and even reversed by an approach from illness to wellness. The feeling of youthful wellness
can be restored by removing risk factors, implementing personalized hormone replacement therapy and correcting any nutrient deficiency.
Prevention of many disease states caused by hormonal imbalance is totally achievable when done in a timely fashion before physical
damage is done. So get tested and find out what deficiencies may cause disease in you. Then get treated and treat yourself better by
improving your diet, shedding excess weight, getting adequate exercise and sleep and by taking nutrients and minerals that your body
needs to stay healthy. Under medically supervised weight loss, we have developed an individualized weight management program
to help you achieve maximum weight loss and keep the weight off. At WHCA we will balance your hormones and put you on a successful weight management program so you can lose those pounds before they bring on disease. Poor nutrition consisting of processed carbohydrates and physical inactivity produce damage and result in a poor level of wellness.
Eating foods that are close from nature, produced with little or no processing combined with a healthy life style free of addictions are
simple steps that you can take now to improve your health. In many cases a simple approach may be to formulate a moderate physical exercise program that does much to improve your health and doesn’t cost you anything.
Wellness & Hormone Centers of America specializes in restoring you on your road to wellness through risk assessment and
modification, so that you can live your life to its fullest while minimizing the misery associated with “sick care.” Many ailments
of the mind and body that occur with aging can be helped. Nutrient deficiencies can be measured and corrected. At the WHCA we
can customize a vitamin and supplement program for you. Your nutritional needs are as unique to you as your fingerprint. Since your
nutritional needs are exceptional they need to be replenished in an individual manner.
The Wellness and Hormone Centers of America (WHCA), is focused on maximizing wellness for each individual. Its wellness
program combines recent medical knowhow with an ultra-safe scientific bioidentical hormone and nutrient replacement, administered and monitored by well-trained medical professionals at WHCA.
For more information on how you can get your health back to its best please visit:
Wellness & Hormone Centers of America
5030 Champion Blvd.
Suites C-2/C-3
Boca Raton, FL 33496
(opening mid-August)
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