August 14, 2020 - Friday

Turn Back the Clock with No DownTime

By Daniela Dadurian, M.D.
Turn Back the Clock  with No DownTimeCan you think of all the claims made for a facelift without surgery? No needles no knives? Chances are that yes you have. Most likely you may be one of the millions looking for the fountain of youth. While there have been many technologies out there that can represent that claim, the fact is that it only gets better. The development of a new technology has continued the quest to turn back time and with a single session can give you very impressive results.
It’s called Ultherapy and it works by using ultrasound guided technology to actually view the underlying tissue that is being treated. For the first time, we are able to reach below the dermal layer sending ultrasound energy into the fibromuscular layer promoting collagen production. If you have weakened collagen in the deeper connective tissue, it can cause the skin to become prone to gravitational forces that begins to stretch, sag and shift downward, a process we call “aging”. This is where Ultherapy plays a role. It is FDA approved for the forehead, face and neck.
The Ultherapy treatment begins with marking the area on the face to be treated. This part of the process is very important because we are using the same target area that is addressed in cosmetic surgery for skin tightening.Once the skin is marked for treatment a mild sedative is given to aid in the comfort of the treatment. A full face treatment can take anywhere from 45-60 minutes. You may return to normal activities and can experience flushing or redness that should resolve within a few hours. The regenerative process is initiated at the first treatment, however results may take up to six months since you are relying on the body’s own healing process to repair and rebuild your skin’s foundation.
This is the first technology to penetrate to the deeper levels of the underlying tissue without damage to the outer layer of skin. A treatment that may be all too familiar is Thermage. Thermage uses a radiofrequency device that is based on the same principal, to induce an injury to the underlying tissue while promoting collagen production. However, Thermage only reaches the dermal layer of the skin whereas Ultherapy penetrates deeper to the fibro-muscular tissue. The candidates are the same being anyone looking to achieve a more youthful look and tighten skin.
The ability to treat not just skin buts its underlying support very precisely, from the inside out, helps ensure both safe and satisfying results with no downtime.
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