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Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific points on the surface of the skin, by the insertion of very fine, sterile, stainless steel needles, that alter various biochemical and physiological processes in order to treat a wide variety of conditions.
By: Chaas Gantt and Maria Gantt
WHAT IS  ACUPUNCTURE?The practice of Acupuncture is one of the integrated modalities of treatment in Eastern Asia medical system and our practice at PBAIM. This practice which has maintained popularity over thousands of years, establishes Meridians as pathways linking acupuncture points that roughly correspond to the dermatomes and myotomes in neurology, as well as the patterns of referred pain from organ pathology familiar to the medical community.
The basic foundation for East Asian medicine recognizes the energetic basis of all life. Life energy flowing through the body is called “Qi” (pronounced chee) and it is said that in the obstruction of this cyclical flow of Qi from injury or dysfunction is where dis-ease, pain or illness originates from. The theory and diagnosis strongly takes into consideration how emotions, environmental influences, diet and other external influences affect our bodies at any given time.
The theories of Western and Eastern medicine support each other, and their integration has proven to enlarge our understanding of how our bodies work on every level as well as how to better assist its optimal function.
Several processes have been found to explain acupuncture’s effects. When acu-points or “trigger points” are stimulated, a cascade effect is set in motion which influences various systems including but not limited to the nervous system, the endocrine system and the immune system.
Acupuncture points have been shown to stimulate the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) to release chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain. This biochemical cascade can either change the experience of pain or stimulate the release of other chemicals, such as hormones, that influence the body’s self-regulating systems and promote physical and emotional well-being.
There are three main mechanisms that explain acupuncture’s effects:
Conduction of electromagnetic signals: Western scientists have found evidence that acupuncture points are strategic conductors of electromagnetic signals. Stimulating points along these pathways through acupuncture enables electromagnetic signals to be relayed at a greater rate than under normal conditions. These signals may start the flow of pain-killing biochemicals such as endorphins and immune system cells to specific sites that are injured or vulnerable to disease.
Activation of opioid systems: research has found that several types of opioids may be released into the central nervous system during acupuncture treatment, thereby reducing pain.
Changes in brain chemistry, sensation, and involuntary body functions: studies have shown that acupuncture may alter brain chemistry by changing the release of neurotransmitters and neuro-hormones in a good way. Acupuncture also has been documented to affect the parts of the central nervous system related to sensation and involuntary body functions, such as immune reactions and processes whereby a person’s blood pressure, blood flow, and body temperature are regulated.
For more than 3000 years practitioners, first in East Asia and now worldwide, have been using acupuncture to stimulate any or all of these mechanisms depending on the condition or desired effect.
No. Depending on the sensitivity of the patient, when needles are stimulated in certain points a unique sensation can be induced. In the right hands acupuncture will not hurt.
Acupuncture allows us to treat a wide variety of conditions but in certain cases, innovative lab testing is advised when diving deeper is necessary. When more complex cases arise we can utilize functional medicine to take a deeper look into the underlying cause of the dis-ease or concerns.
Functional Medicine principles view the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialties. It is commonly called, the science of “why”. Functional lab testing is the cornerstone of functional medicine. Functional lab testing is used to assess the overall function of your body by comparing results to an optimally healthy range vs. the standard range.
By seeing the body as one integrated system we can develop a uniquely tailored treatment plan comprised of targeted supplementation, detox programs, dietary changes, herbal medicine, exercise and lifestyle modifications. This is considered an evolution in the standard practice of medicine.
In our experience, patients who were initially relying on standardized blood panel testing, were not made aware of preexisting conditions that would ultimately lead to disease.
Instead of looking for and treating the symptoms of disease, Acupuncture foundation and Functional Medicine principles looks at networks of function and a number of factors that are contributing to the dysfunction in your body. This integrative approach allows us to address the underlying causes of disease or even prevent a disease before it progresses.
General pain (low back pain, joint pain, chronic and acute pain)
Digestive disorders
Autoimmune disorders
Women’s health concerns (Menstrual disorders, menopausal symptoms, premenstrual syndrome)
Fertility Issues
Post-partum support
Mood imbalance including: stress, anxiety, depression and panic attacks
Sleep disorders: insomnia,
Post-surgery pain and mood support
Migraines/tension headaches
Arthritis/Joint Pain
Facial paralysis resulting from Bell’s palsy
Facial rejuvenation
Palm Beach Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine (PBAIM) is a professional alternative medical office. We are committed to helping you achieve optimal health and vitality by supporting the regenerative and balance-seeking nature of your body. Whether it be pain management, gynecological disorders, fertility issues, mood disorders, stress-management or overall health optimization, we are here to provide safe and effective alternative health care to the people we serve.
Chaas Gantt L. AP is a State Licensed Acupuncture Physician and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Board Certified Herbalist as well as Injection Therapy. In his practice, he combines the latest research in functional medicine practices, Japanese style acupuncture, NSEV and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture techniques, cupping therapy, moxibustion, clinical nutrition, targeted supplementation, botanical medicine, injection therapy, among other interventions, to address the specific needs of each of his patients. He has learned and apprenticed under renowned physicians and master acupuncturists in the United States, Europe and Asia.
Palm Beach Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine (PBAIM) is a professional alternative medical office in Lake Worth, Florida. Their mission is to partner with you on your way to enhance, regain and maintain optimum health and vitality. They combine Functional medicine, Japanese and Chinese acupuncture techniques, cupping therapy, moxibustion, clinical nutrition, Auriculotherapy and botanical medicine, among other interventions. PBAIM aims to provide safe and effective alternative health care to the people they serve.
PBAIMS strongly believes in the innate wisdom of the body. Your body knows how to regenerate and balance itself, sometimes it just needs a little support and guidance.
PBA accepts most major insurance carriers.
Please call (561) 533-7475 to schedule your appointment or find out more at palmbeachacu.com

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