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Don’t let a Hearing Loss Get in the Way of Your Golf Game!

By Dana Luzon, Au.D., CCC-A, FAA –

Don’t let a Hearing Loss  Get in the Way of  Your Golf GameGolf can be a very enjoyable social sport to most people, but when you have difficulty understanding conversation in a small group, or have trouble understanding speech while there is wind noise on the course or in the golf cart, you may be experiencing a Sound VoidTM.  Sound Voids are moments that lack clarity or understanding. Do you hear someone say “use the __ iron” but not sure if someone is saying “nine or five”? Do you find yourself saying, “I hear OK, but I have trouble understanding everything in the sentence that is said.  Hearing clearly when there’s background noise can be especially difficult for someone with hearing loss, as can be trying to explain your hearing situation. Some people find it so difficult that they give up going into social environments they enjoyed in the past.

Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the United States. Although hearing problems are commonly associated with the aging process, they affect all age groups. Other causes include hereditary factors, noise exposure and certain medication.  More than half of the people in the United States with a hearing impairment are under the age of 65, including 6 million people between the ages of 18 and 44 and more than 14 million are school-age children.

It’s common for people to be unaware of their hearing loss due to the gradual nature of its progression. As hearing slowly declines, an individual develops compensation strategies without even realizing it and most people don’t realize they’re missing out on conversation. Often, it’s friends or loved ones, who are trying to communicate with the individual, who are more aware of the situation. Sometimes it takes years before sufferers seek professional help.

At Audiology and Hearing Aids of the Palm Beaches, Dr. Dana Luzon, Au.D., is here to help. She explains “enjoyment of social activities tends to decline as the hearing impaired person becomes less engaged because of their struggle to hear clearly, but there is help out there!”  There is no need to stop golfing because of a hearing loss, the latest hearing devices have wind noise reduction, background noise reduction and speech enhancement to give you the comfort and clarity of hearing comfortably in the environments you enjoy. With our 3 year warranty, instrument lifetime battery program, and 75 day trial period you have low risk options for your lifestyle solutions. Call Audiology and Hearing Aids of the Palm Beaches to schedule your consultation with Dr. Luzon, and let us be your home for hearing healthcare.

Dana Luzon, Au.D., CCC-A,
Doctor of Audiology

Originally from Southern NJ, Dana Luzon received her undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from the Richard Stockton College of NJ, and continued on to receive her Doctorate of Audiology at Salus University’s residential program. Her varied clinical experiences throughout her doctoral studies include: VA hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, ENT and private practice settings. Her professional interests include: audiologic rehabilitation and progressive tinnitus devices. Her interests in the field outside of the clinic include: Humanitarian Audiology, and Audiology Awareness. Dr. Luzon currently lives in West Palm Beach, FL.

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