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Fighting the Common Cold/Flu with Regular Exercise

Common Cold/FluBattling another cough or cold? Feeling tired all the time? Taking a daily walk or following a simple exercise routine a few times a week may help you feel better.

Exercise not only helps your immune system fight off simple bacterial and viral infections, it decreases your chances of developing heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancer.

Though doctors are continuing to do research on the link between exercise and the immune system, they have discovered some simple truths that impact how exercise can help. In fact, recent studies have suggested that if you complete moderate exercise just a few times every week, you can drastically reduce the number of colds that you get every year. Outside of just keeping you in shape and helping you to become healthier over time, exercise can boost your immune system and help your body fight off harmful diseases and even something as simple as the common cold.

We don’t know exactly how exercise increases your immunity to certain illnesses, but there are several theories.
• Physical activity may help by flushing bacteria out from the lungs (thus decreasing the chance of a cold, flu, or other airborne illness) and may flush out cancer-causing cells (carcinogens) by increasing output of wastes, such as urine and sweat.
• Exercise sends antibodies and white blood cells (the body’s defense cells) through the body at a quicker rate. As these antibodies or white blood cells circulate more rapidly, they could detect illnesses earlier than they might normally. The increased rate of circulating blood may also trigger the release of hormones that “warn” immune cells of intruding bacteria or viruses.
• The temporary rise in body temperature may prevent bacterial growth, allowing the body to fight the infection more effectively. (This is similar to what happens when the body has a fever.)
• Exercise slows down the release of stress-related hormones. Stress increases the chance of illness.

While exercise is beneficial, be careful not to “overdo” it. People who already exercise regularly are cautioned not to develop too vigorous a workout program in the hopes of increasing the immunity benefits. Heavy, long-term exercise (such as marathon running and intense gym training) could actually decrease the amount of white blood cells circulating through the body and increase the presence of stress-related hormones.

Studies have shown that the people who benefit most from starting an exercise program are those who go from a sedentary (“couch potato”) lifestyle to a moderately energetic lifestyle.

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Exercise can help us feel better about ourselves, just by making us feel more energetic and healthier. So go ahead, Book your free fit check today 561-775-0122.

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