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How Breakthrough Technology Is Solving Most Back Pain – One Herniated Disc At A Time…

How Breakthrough Technology Is Solving Most Back Pain – One Herniated Disc At A Time…Technology has drastically changed the world. You have to admit – nothing has had a greater impact on how you live each and every day of your life. For example…. Think back only 22 years with me. The year is 1996. I don’t know about you…but… I didn’t even know what the Internet was then, but back then I had no idea it would revolutionize the way most of us communicate, gather information… and… even shop….

All At The Speed Of Light!
Well… maybe not the speed of light. I guess that all depends on how fast your connection is. Which reminds me… Do you remember what computers were like just 10 years ago? I remember paying $4,000 for a laptop that was the size of a brief case! By today’s standards, this thing was an absolute piece of junk but I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.

Now a days, for only a few hundred dollars, you can get something that blows away my $4000 dinosaur! Computers literally get better and better almost every single day. And so do the things we can use them for. One example is something I’m sure you’ve heard of –Lasik laser eye surgery.
And I’m sure you also know that Lasik single handedly revolutionized sight restoration.

Not too long ago, if you had poor eyesight, your only option was to wear contacts or cumbersome glasses. Now thousands and thousands of people are throwing away their spectacles for good.
But what you may not know is: during the procedure, a computer controls the amount of laser energy that is delivered to your eye. More precisely – an ultra high-speed computer.

What Lasik Did For Vision The DRX9000™
Is Doing For Back Pain…
Now let’s take a look at back pain from herniated and bulging discs. Until very recently, if you had a herniated or bulging disc… your options were extremely limited. If you are like most disc sufferers –
you probably tried everything under the sun without any lasting results… Things like: Physical therapy, grueling exercises, back supporters, special beds. And “regular” Chiropractic care. You either had to learn to live with the pain and a steady diet of toxic pain pills… or… risk surgery. Which… if you asked me… is no option all… But all that changed when a team of engineers from Axiom Worldwide used the most advanced technology available to create the DRX9000™.

Just as Lasik allowed visually impaired people to see clearly again… the DRX9000™ eliminates the pain and suffering resulting from herniated and bulging discs. In many cases, almost instantly… And just like Lasik – the cutting edge technology is the secret.

The DRX9000™ was designed by a specialized team of engineers at Axiom Worldwide – the leaders in non-surgical spinal decompression system available today. And just like Lasik – one of the most important reasons for the incredible results achieved by the DRX9000™ with herniated disc patients, is its cutting edge computer system.

Science Combined With
Cutting Edge Technology
The state of the art computer system found in the DRX9000™is so fast it actually communicates with your body an unbelievable 17 times per second!

What does this mean for you!

Here’s what: When you have a herniated disc, it means that you actually have a tear in the outer layer of your discs. This outer layer is what keeps the soft, jelly-like disc material inside the disc itself.
It’s sort of like the tires on your car. They have tough outer layer (the rubber) that keeps the air in tire. If the rubber is damaged – the air can leak out.

So – when you have a tear to the outer layer of your disc… the inner disc material begins to leak out. That “leakage” is the herniation.

As a quick aside – there are basically two way you can get a herniated disc:

One: A sudden trauma. This can be car accident, slip and fall… or… from sports. Sudden forces are applied to your back and spine that stretch the disc beyond its normal range of motion. Like a rubber band, your disc can only stretch so far before something gives. So… the outer layer tears and the inner disc material leaks out.

Two: Long term wear and tear. Because there is no major trauma and you cannot think of any one thing that could cause such pain, this is the cause most people are unaware of.

Basically… you wake up one day in pain. Or – you bend over to put on your sock and end up in agonizing pain. Or go to get in or out of your car and your back “seizes up” on you.

In other words – the pain starts for no apparent reason. But there is a reason. And that reason is a lot of small… seemingly insignificant… stresses on your back and discs. Like what?
Poor posture
Sitting too long at work or in front of the computer
Repetitive lifting with improper form – even lifting light objects

And these little things become more accentuated as you become older and less active… your body becomes less flexible and your discs begin to break down from less and less stress… until they get to the point of no return and you end up with a herniation and a lot of pain.

It is no wonder it’s estimated between 80% and 90% of the population experiences back pain at some time in their life. Now that you know what a herniated disc is and what can cause them… let’s get back to the technology and science that can fix your herniated disc…

When the soft, inner material of your disc leaks out – it can put pressure or “pinch” the delicate spinal nerves that pass closely by. When this happens… you can get tingling, burning, numbness or pain that goes into your buttock, down your leg or into your foot (or feet) and toes. Or anywhere in between. This is often called Sciatica… referring to the pain running down your leg.

No matter what name it is given – many times it is caused by that herniated disc putting pressure on a nerve.

Herniated Disc Solution…
The old fashion way to attempt to correct a herniated disc was traction. Weights and pulleys were used in an attempt to separate the bones of the spine. The hope was this separation would allow the herniated disc material to go back into place. But studies have shown traction to be ineffective at correcting a herniated disc. We will get to the reason why… which is also why the DRX9000™ works so well… in a moment.

To understand how the DRX9000™ works so well… let me first explain why traction does NOT work. Traction does not work because when you try to forcefully stretch the spine when it is already injured – it causes pain. This pain causes spasm, an involuntary muscle spasm that is the body’s attempt to protect that area from further injury. This spasm reaction negates the effects of the traction. And… it can also be extremely painful. In the past, after traction and everything else failed, many herniated disc sufferers only had one other option. Surgery.

Surgery does not attempt to repair the herniated disc. Instead, the disc material is simply cut out. Surgery has several major draw backs…
The first is the risk involved with any surgery. And this risk is very serious when it is Spinal surgery. The second drawback is the results, which are not always good. Many patients do not get any relief from surgery and some get worse… and many who go get relief find the pain returning later. Which often leads to more surgeries.

Failed Back
Surgery Syndrome
There is actually a term in the medical literature called, “failed back surgery syndrome.” And no one wants that… Most herniated disc sufferers had no other choice – especially when the pain was so bad. That is, until now…

Technology To The Rescue…
So how does the DRX9000™ work so well when traction failed? The answer lies in modern technology… Remember that amazing computer system we talked about earlier that is in the DRX9000™? The one that communicates with the body 17 times per second? Well… that is the secret…

When the DRX9000™ begins to traction your spine – it does it so gently – you usually don’t feel a thing. This happens over and over until enough separation in your spine is achieved to create a negative pressure. It is theorized that this negative pressure is what’s responsible for sucking your herniated disc material back into place.

The process using the DRX9000™ has been proven to reduce pain by:
Enlarging the disc space to help bring back more normal motion
Reducing herniations
Strengthening the ligaments that support your spinal structure
Reversing the high intradiscal pressure by separating gently separating the spinal bones and creating a negative intradiscal pressure

The best is: because of the advanced technology – the treatments are painless.

Who Is a Candidate For
DRX9000™ Treatment?
The DRX9000™ works with some of the most severe cases of back pain including:
Back Pain
Herniated and/or bulging discs
(single or multiple)
Ruptured discs
Degenerative disc disease
Facet syndromes
And just like not everyone with bad eyesight is a candidate for Lasik eye surgery… not everyone with back pain qualifies for treatment on the DRX9000™. It’s sad… but… we have to turn people away every week.

The most common patient we see that gets tremendous results has an MRI that shows a herniated or bulging disc and either has low back pain… Or… pain, burning and/or numbness going into their legs and/or feet. And many times they have both the back pain and the leg symptoms.
But the only way to know for sure if the DRX9000™ can help you is to be evaluated by Dr. Reimer.

So, if you would like to find out if the DRX9000™
an help you get out of pain for good – don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will schedule you for the first available evaluation opening.

If you would like to see if the most advanced treatment for herniated and bulging disc pain will work for you like it has already worked for thousands of pain sufferers around the country… give us a call at 561-967-6655 right now.

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