April 5, 2020 - Sunday

“Small is Beautiful”

Small is BeautifulA Wonderful book “Small is Beautiful” discussed the concept of Economics as if People Mattered.  While the decade of the 1960’s was known as a decade of massive civil unrest, war, human rights violation, the slaying of the Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King, the era of Peace, Love and Perceived Understanding, Woodstock, Vietnam and Nixon, we can go back fifty years and wonder what’s changed—if anything—and though we can agree that many things HAVE changed, more quality, better communication tools, better pay, what remains the same is the model of ecosystems hasn’t really evolved much.

While record companies, music retailers and music magazines have pretty much gone the way of the Dinosaur, it wasn’t the Internet that killed them.  As they failed to see the Iceberg coming,  playing the blame game became the business du jour, and while the motion picture refused to budge–their current business model of out-topping each motion picture of the week with the next Blockbuster that follows the following week is clearly unsustainable.

Studios and Media Outlets—clearly out-of-touch with the general public will continue to play the game of Irwin Allen by bringing up another $200 Million Blockbuster each and every week until the Towering Inferno, Poseidon Adventures and Disaster Movies they create eat the system that does not serve anyone other than the people at the top of the economic pyramid and the shareholders they claim to be representing.

The issue at hand isn’t that these business models are bad—yes, when one removes the curtain and sees the truth, we understand that the All Powerful Wizard of Oz played a game of sleight of hand through mass media manipulation—while the consciousness of the public was corrupted by the lies of the soothsayers.

What we do not need is another Smart Phone. We need a Smarter Conversation.  Since we are all connected and interconnected, we can utilize the Internet to enable something more than disruption—we can create new projects and companies, solve problems and enable solutions by creating ecosystems that truly service the needs of the people.  And really, when it comes down to basics, that’s what this project is doing—The Worlds Stage is dedicacted to showcasing the ideas and actions, business models, platforms and ecosystems dedicated to enabling an empowered public through evidence-based information (Truth) and action.  The connecting poing exists through the central hub of activity we have embedded into this network.

When we look at all of the systems that have failed the public, we can understand that the Education System has created massive student debt–debt so high it will keep the graduates enslaved for decades.

The schools of Economics and Law, Business and Media have failed to clearly integrated the knowledge of other sectors built into a long-term quantic understanding where everything connects to everything, therefore one action has a reaction.  One cannot operate on a brain without understanding how all actions connect to all other actions.

It is the failure of these Institutes of Higher learning for not educating individuals with the proper knowledge they need to thrive in this world—instead, the graduates of many of our schools are coming out into the world with repressed knowledge and real skills other than the ability to memorize the knowledge handed to them in books that were written and conceived of from Industrial Age thinking.

Instead of looking at all of our businesses as financial entities, we can ask ourselves, how do we create systems that enrich the lives of others without sacrificing the integrity and autonomy of the individual.

Each sector will be required to have an understanding of how the Ecosystem works, and based on the laws of Quantum Physics, that all of our actions are indeed connected.  Now, what will the new systems of education, media, arts, media literacy, entertainment, and health/wellness look like?

We hope we can have the conversations and actions that lead to a brighter future for us all through our Open Knowledge Cafe’s held through THE WORLDS STAGE.

Details can be found here: www.theworldsstage.com

Thank you.
Steven Jay
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