March 30, 2020 - Monday

Sweat Your Way to Healthy Skin

By Ronna L. Clements, Natural Health & Wellness Innovator

Many of us don’t realize that if we don’t sweat our  skin becomes congested which leads to dryness and inflammation – not a happy place to be.

Healthy SkinThe health of our skin greatly depends on the body’s ability to sweat; a natural form of detoxification we take for granted. Toxins from foods and our environment accumulate inside the body’scells and tissues and if they are not eliminated,our skin and body become loaded with toxic waste. Our skin begins to feel dry and look dull, while aging accelerates. On the far end of the toxicity scale, some of us will start to develop skin conditions such as pimples, rashes and even dreaded skin cancers.

The best defense our body has against toxic accumulation is sweating. Getting our bodies to engage its natural sweat mechanism through physical exercise is the healthiest and most beneficial way to detoxify the skin.
The second biggest threat to your skin aside from not sweating is investing in lotions and creams that always fall short of expectations. Chemically made products that are not 100% natural only add more toxicity by blocking the skin’s oil ducts through their poisonous ingredients, thus suffocating the skin. Continual use of man-made products can actually cause permanent damage to our beautiful skin.

I am going to let you in on a little secret about a product that I use on my skin every day. It comes in a glass jar, costs as little as $8.99, and is 100% from nature. What is it?

Its Coconut oil.

Coconut comes from a vegetable source and is free of pesticides and chemicals. It is easily absorbed and its molecular structure gives the skin a soft texture. Coconut Oil has a very positive effect on all the tissues of the body especially the connective tissue.

Healthy connective tissue gives the skin elasticity and when we start to lose it, the skin begins to sag, wrinkle, and becomesleathery. As such, the use of coconut oil is a natural anti-aging practice for the skin.

Pacific Islanders use an abundance of coconut oil. They not only put this oil on their skin, but they eat a lot of coconut, as well. They are relatively free from degenerative diseases and Polynesians have very healthy skin even though they are exposed to very hot sun and a steady stream of salty ocean air.

For those who live in Florida where exposure to hot sun and the ocean is a daily occurrence, this oil is especially good for you!
Of course, eating the right combination of foods, practicing the right forms of exercise and remaining consistent in eliminating daily toxins are all critical to having healthy skin. As a living health advocate for over 20 years, I’ve personally experienced the benefits of practicing good nutrition, detoxification through sweating and the use of coconut oil on my skin.

Through my education, travels, and personal experiences, I have come into contact with some of the most forward-thinking individuals in the field of Natural Health. My passion to learning the truth about good health, along with my personal dedication to optimal living, continues to help countless individuals navigate the breadth and depth of wellness information through my writing and consulting practice.

I hope I’ve shown you two simple ways to create healthy and beautiful skin – by sweating and the use of coconut oil!

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