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There’s A Fungus Among Us

FungusGetting a pedicure/manicure is a popular way to pamper yourself. But watch out. You could walk away with an infection due to the use of unsanitary tools and contaminated footbaths if the salon doesn’t practice proper hygiene. We have all seen news reports about the dangerous bacteria that can be carried in the pipes and filters of whirlpool and massage pedicure chairs if they are not properly cleaned between clients. And the bacteria and fungus that can reside on instruments not properly sterilized. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, pedicure health risks include fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot and nail fungus, and bacterial skin infections, including MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), a potentially serious antibiotic-resistant staph infection. What are these?

Athlete’s foot – is a nail fungal infection that isn’t limited to athletes. They are more susceptible as their feet are often in moist, warm socks for long periods of time. This moist confined area is exactly what the foot spa offers.

MRSA – the superbug – is staph infection particularly resistant to antibiotics. It’s very serious, within 24 hours your hands or feet will be painful and difficult to flex or bend. Within another day the skin around the infected area will swell up, crack open and ooze out pus. Then the infection begins to further spread. MRSA can be life threatening.

Mycobacterium Fortuitum – is a potent infection that results in large boils and the toes, feet and legs and can even become open sores. Antibiotics can be used to treat this effectively; unfortunately the boils often leave behind ugly scars.

We don’t want you to shy away from American’s favorite way to pamper themselves. Knowledge is power; take a few steps, before baring your digits, to ensure your health and safety. Look for a salon that:

  • Uses fresh instead of recirculated water. Some salons reuse the water from pedicure to pedicure – after it goes through a filtering process. It is in these bacteria infected filtration system that bacteria thrives and potentially affects you. Seek out a salon that uses fresh water for each pedicure.
  • Presents you with sealed instruments before your manicure or pedicure. All instruments used should be properly cleaned, sterilized, and dried between uses. Presenting you with the instruments to be used is a signal the salon is following the recommendations.
  • That is clean – before you bear your tootsies make sure the environment is clean, and notice the cleaning process of pedicure basins after a use. If the salon does not take the care to keep their floor clean I would not bet on a clean basin.
  • Is open to your questions – ask about the cleaning process of instruments and the pedicure basin.

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Ispas takes the health and wellness of it’s customers to heart. We ensure all metal clippers, nippers, and pushers are soaked in barbacide for at least 20 minutes after each service and are then baked in a hospital grade heat sterilizer an additional 45 minutes. Tools are presented to the client in a sealed pouch before each service. This extra step goes above and beyond requirements of the State Board of Cosmetology. We also have custom built pedicure chairs with Pearlescent chemical resistant basins and fresh running water. NO filters and pipes to recirculate bacteria. After each service, the sink and surrounding area is cleaned with hospital grade cleanser. We know you take your Health and Wellness seriously – you can trust us to do the same.

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