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By Dr. Ricardo Lean

This program is very useful for local patients with limited insurance coverage and even more useful for our snowbirds that arrive on November and have limited or no coverage in Florida.

It is customary in Pain Management to have monthly visits and to perform some procedures that ameliorate pain to reduce the amount of medications and the consequences of their side effects.

For that reason, we created this affordable “all-inclusive” VIP program for only $1,490.00. This includes the visits and most common procedures used in pain management, like epidurals, transforaminal injections, intra-articular steroid injections, trigger points, facets, sacroiliac injections, etc. This also includes a 50% discount in Regenerative Medicine procedures like intra-articular PRP injections. You will be scheduled within two days (but we prefer you schedule in advance the first visit). You don’t have to wait in the waiting room, but be prepared for 1 hour with the Doctor for the first visit.

It is important that you provide us with a copy of the last visit form your current provider and as many diagnostic imaging reports and blood work done recently. Please, bring the bottles of the current medications you take as well.

We have all necessary equipment in our office, so we can perform the procedures the same day if you have a companion and you have been fasting for at least 4 hours.

Dr. Leano speaks French at a conversational level

Call us for details at (561) 248 1166.

For any consultation, call (561) 248 1166 for an appointment with
Dr. Ricardo Leano at Palm Beach Pain, LLC

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