July 14, 2020 - Tuesday

A Medical Advocate, Healer, Health Coach and Spiritual Guide

The grand opening of Boca’s amazing wellness, prevention and healing center is here! Finally, anyone who is seeking a wellness centered place of healing can come to find their optimal health, relief from illness and the freedom to do so in a sanctuary-like setting. Guided by a medical doctor our practice focuses on preventing illness, helping families stay healthy, helping people feel young, energized and vitalized using natural, effective healing modalities; whole foods, diet, lifestyle and natural supplements as healing remedies.
We have developed a vision of a special healing place that includes a licensed medical doctor who shares and embodies the belief that ultimately, our bodies are always moving towards balance and healing. Our role and our intention at the center is to help encourage, nourish and enhance that process with natural medicines, herbs, vitamins supplements and very specific lifestyle recommendations.  We want to share our passion for natural health and complete wellness with you.
The inspiration behind this all is, Alison Levitt, MD, a dynamic, inspiring holistic medical doctor. Dr. Levitt specializes in integrative medicine, where she blends the unique modalities of nutrition, herbs, healing with whole foods and life-coaching into her holistic practice.  She is a published writer, former TV personality and passionate speaker in the areas of optimal health and longevity, whole food nutrition, detoxification, herbs and mind-body medicine. She is also an accomplished writer, and outspoken passionate speaker in the areas of optimal health and longevity, detoxification, whole food medicine, diabetes prevention and weight management.
In her private practice, Dr. Levitt incorporates the most effective natural medicines and ancient healing practices to help her clients achieve optimal health, balance of mind, body and spirit. She is known as doctor, medical advocate, healer, health coach and spiritual guide. She is a visionary and an inspiration for all who want to be healthy, feel fabulous and to live life to its full potential.
She will be practicing her holistic medicine in Boca Raton at our new location 3270 North Federal Highway beginning February 2014.
January – 21 Day Challenge:
are you ready to finally make the changes you need to become a healthy individual in 2014?  Join our challenge – visit our website or call us for more details.
Meet and Greet Dr. Levitt – Every Wednesday night in January from 5 – 7 we will be hosting a net-working event where
you’ll have the opportunity to meet Dr. Levitt and other alternative healers within the community.
499 NE 40th St., Boca Raton, Fl
February is the love month!
Sign up for this spectacular workshop
Wednesday, February 5th.  Love Wine and Chocolate: Come with your partner, or come alone but be ready to indulge in your sensual pleasures and senses with mouth-watering recipes, luscious beverages and spectacular sensual aromas to arouse all of sensual pleasures.
Healthy Kids workshops:
Our fun foods workshop for kids focusing on how to make super healthy snacks and other yummies like smoothies! We believe that healthy habits start at home and they start when our kids are young. Teach our children well, including how to eat right and healthy in a fun way so that they want to stay healthy and eat well as they continue to grow up. Check our website calendar of events for dates available at www.completewellnessystem.com.

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