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A New Approach to Relief of Neck Pain

A New Approach to Relief of Neck PainFather Hallock Martin, had no idea a car accident from 15 years ago could cause such lasting effects. Fr. Martin is Rector of the Holy Spirit Episcopal Church in West Palm Beach. He explains he had been experiencing increasing neck pain and knew it would get worse. “I slept on a neck pillow, and that would help sometimes, but very often my neck would be sore”, Fr Martin describes. “It didn’t really limit my ability to participate in the things I was doing, but it was headed that way. I was beginning to experience more pain on a regular basis”.
Fr. Martin did not hesitate when his son recommended he contact Marc Weinberg DC. “I made the appointment and went. Dr Weinberg did an adjustment a time or two, then tested to see if the MCU was something that would help with my particular issue and it turned out that it was.” Explains Fr. Martin.
The Multi-Cervical Unit
The MCU, Multi-Cervical Unit works to isolate and strengthen weak neck muscles. According to Dr. Weinberg, research indicates the MCU is the absolute best way to strengthen the neck. It’s the missing piece of traditional neck pain care, and a must to treat neck weakness.
“Starting in the 1990s, a fair amount of research came out. The research showed that neck weakness leads to neck pain, and you need to address the neck weakness first in order to treat the pain,” explains Dr. Weinberg. “If someone gets into a car accident, or has ongoing repetitive motion, micro-trauma (from keeping their head down all the time) they start off with some neck discomfort. The muscles become inhibited, and that weakness leads to more pain, which leads to further weakness: It’s a vicious cycle.
Research reveals that patients who are treated with the MCU typically experience far better success rates with more permanent relief than those who opt for traditional therapies alone. It is a priceless asset in the diagnosis and treatment of neck pain.
The MCU is the most comprehensive cervical spine evaluation and rehabilitation system in the world. It provides a thorough and objective evaluation of the cervical spine (the neck) and its related muscles. It then prescribes a series of neck-strengthening exercises to resolve the underlying cause of your neck pain. Unlike massage, acupuncture and decompression, which do nothing to strengthen muscles, the MCU offers a restorative approach.
Here’s how it works:
The MCU is a digital system that evaluates and records the patient’s cervical spine movement and isometric strength. Evaluations take about 45 minutes to perform.
The patient’s strength and range of motion is accessed, and a report is generated.
The MCU recommends a therapy program precisely tailored to suit the patient’s needs
Strengthening sessions last 20-30 minutes and are conducted 3 times per week for only 6-12 weeks.
The amazing part of the MCU, it can detect the presence of weakness in any neck muscle group. It can pinpoint the location and then strengthen the muscle(s) thereby allowing the inflamed tissues, like bulging or herniated discs, swollen facet joints, overused muscles and even areas of stenosis to “quiet down” and heal, thus alleviating neck pain. Along with a thorough examination, the MCU can also determine if neck weakness is not the cause of your neck pain and is a comprehensive evaluation to help determine if the MCU treatment will be beneficial to each patient.
In Fact, Medical Research shows that 75% of people with chronic neck pain, from any cause, will get significant relief of their pain simply by strengthening their neck with the Multi-Cervical Unit.
Dr. Weinberg notes that the MCU is not the sole treatment used, but rather a key component of a customized treatment plan.
Fr. Martin agrees the MCU evaluation and treatment is simple and effective. “It’s like any exercise machine, but it focuses on your neck”, he describes, “it is completely painless”. Fr. Martin continues to explain the process, “They start you out at a very light weight and as the muscles build, you gradually build up (weight). You go through the regimen 3x/week for about 9 weeks, and you are tested on a regular basis through the process. When it’s all said and done, the doctors suggest some simple isometrics on a regular basis to maintain the neck strength that has been built up.”
Fr. Martin is pleased with the results of his treatment, “I do not have the neck pain that I had, I can stand for longer periods of time and I have no pain. I am very pleased with the results.”
Although Fr. Martin has completed his MCU treatments, he continues to visit Active Health Center for regular chiropractic adjustments and massage. “I would certainly recommend it” he says. “I have been very pleased with them.”
If you or someone you love has suffered from neck or upper back pain, contact the team at Active Health Center for an evaluation to see if the MCU treatment is right for you.

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