About Accepting Death

By Ernest Morgan, from Dealing Creatively with Death

accepting deathIf we were to walk across the fields in summertime to some undisturbed spot and mark off a piece of ground say four feet square then examine this little area minutely, we would find an astonishing variety of life. There would be many species of plants; possibly a mouse’s nest, and other small creatures. Then resorting to a microscope, we would observe an incredible host of microorganisms functioning in association with the larger life forms.

In that little square of ground we would have seen an interdependent community of life in which birth and death were continuously taking place and in which diverse life forms were sheltering and nourishing one another. Written in the rocks beneath was a story of a similar process going back through eons of time.

Humankind is part of the ongoing community of nature, on a world scale, subject to the same cycle of birth and death which governs all other creatures and, like them, totally dependent on other life. Sometimes we tend to forget this. Birth and death are as natural for us as for the myriad of creatures in that little square of ground.


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