Bed Making Made Easy – With CKI Solutions’ Bed MadeEZ®

I wake up each morning to the sweet smile of my husband.
He is right there as I amble out of the bed and trip on the dog. He is next to me as we brush our teeth.
He waits patiently by my side as I brew the coffee. He is completely gone when I go to change the linens!
I am alone in this endeavor.

Changing linens is a pain, literally. Strain to your back from lifting and holding your heavy mattress, frustration as the sheets untuck before you can finish, and occasionally a chipped nail … bed making is exhausting. And it isn’t getting better anytime soon. With the increase in pillow-top mattresses, foam mattresses, and luxury coil mattresses, mattress are getting heavier by the year.

Bed Making

The Truth About Your Mattress.
Mattresses now average 12 ½’ high;
They are over 15” thick;
A king mattress can easily top 300 pounds.

So what can be done? A mattress lifter is the answer. A quick search on Google for “mattress lifter” and you will find the original mattress lifter, the Bed MadeEZ. The product was invented by female-owner and CEO of CKI Solutions, Sam Montross, back in 2012.

What does the Bed MadeEZ do?
This aqua beauty (comes in pink too) does it all it:
Lifts and Holds – as you insert the Bed MadeEZ under your mattress, it lifts the mattress for you and holds it up to 4 inches while you change your linens, giving you the time to make those famous hospital corners too!
Tucks – using the tip, you can quickly tuck sheets, quilts, and blankets easily for a perfectly finished nice, crisp edge, saving your hands and wrists from scraping and strain.

It is Ergonomically Designed to eliminate strain. The design includes a large round handle, allowing for versatility in gripping positions for either one or two hands.

Trust is Built In to the Bed MadeEZ.
This patented, trademarked design is:
Independently Tested – to reduce strain on your back and shoulders caused by repeated lifting of a heavy mattress.
Recommended by OSHA – around the world, housekeepers use the Bed MadeEZ to avoid injury and go home less tired.
Backed by a Lifetime Warranty
Made in the USA – and always will be made right here in Florida!

Bed MadeEZ is Found in Major Publications!
This ingenious product has been written about in:
Reader’s Digest –

Amazon’s Cheap Mattress Lifter Is the Secret to a Perfectly Made Bed

Southern Living –
Apartment Therapy –
Easy to Order, Fast Shipping!
The Bed MadeEZ can be ordered right off Amazon and it arrives quick! Simple to understand instructions are included and you can get right to business. The Bed MadeEZ makes changing linens and making the bed a breeze.

Who Benefits from the Bed MadeEZ.
The Bed MadeEZ is a game changer for anyone with:
Back Injuries
A heavy mattress
Recently Undergone Surgery
Those undergoing Breast Cancer treatments
Pregnant Women
Anyone at all who wants to make their bed quickly, professionally and without heavy lifting and fear of back injuries due to strain.

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