January 28, 2021 - Thursday

South Palm Beach Edition

Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy for Healthy Breast Care

Other Healing Treatments Offered at HoriZen Therapies: UltraSlim Red Light Therapy (Fat Loss & Skin Tightening) and Hoshino Massage Therapy

By Susan Allen, Certified Lymphatic Therapist – At HoriZen Therapies, we strive to offer our clients with the latest, most-effective healing therapies utilizing technologically advanced systems that help the body heal itself naturally.  Today, we are proud to tell you about one of our therapies that support this month’s national focus on Breast Cancer awareness. Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy (LDT) Even …

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Inflammation, The Root of All Pain?

Mark P. DiRoma, DC

By Mark P. DiRoma, DC – Chronic Pain is one of the most debilitating illnesses we cope with in the United States, effecting 100 million Americans. This means more Americans suffer from Chronic Pain than Diabetes (25.8 million) and Coronary Heart Disease (16.3 million) combined.  Know that if you are suffering from a chronic condition that includes ongoing, recurrent, or …

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The Maxim Life Wellness System

Located in Boca Raton Florida, Maxim Life is a Wellness Center that specializes in a structured approach to Complete Overall Wellness. Throughout the past two decades our science team have developed and implemented what is now known as “The Maxim Life Wellness System.” The system was implemented by the original founder, a naturopath whom believes that the human body is …

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Untreated Heartburn Can Lead to Long-term Damage and Health Problems

By Daniel Lindenberg, MD, PA – We have all experienced heartburn or acid reflux periodically.  When is it time to seek professional help?  Acid reflux is a normal physiologic process where the gastric contents of the stomach back up into the esophagus.  When heartburn occurs infrequently, less than once a week, a simple over the counter antacid can work well.  …

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Got Shoulder Pain?

By Domenic J. Pompile, PT, CSCS, Licensed Physical Therapist – Shoulder injuries are among one of the most common injuries today that affect individuals on a daily basis.  The largest degree of my patient population seeks therapy due to shoulder injuries.   Whether the shoulder has been injured due to an accident,  surgery,  non-use or a sports related activity; rehabilitation to …

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Do Trials Shape You Or Break You?

By Terry Hoskins – Pain and suffering finds us regardless of who we are and is indeed a central part of the human experience. You may have everything this world has to offer like millions of dollars, cars, houses, and boats, yet when trials come, all the stuff of the world leaves you feeling empty. Riches and power were suppose …

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What Is a Macular Pucker?

By Lauren R. Rosecan, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.S. – A macular pucker (also called an epiretinal membrane) is a layer of scar tissue that grows on the surface of the retina, particularly the macula, which is the part of your eye responsible for detailed, central vision. The macula is the small area at the center of the eye’s retina that allows …

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