July 11, 2020 - Saturday

Fitbella: Relax, Lose Weight & Keep it Off

Relax Lose Weight Keep it OffAre you tired of trying diet after diet only to see the weight come back when you start eating normal foods again? Are you pressed for time and unable to get in an hour workout each day? Are you ready to start your better health journey but find it overwhelming just to think about all the work ahead of you?
If you answered yes to any of these questions you are not alone. Ines Andino was morbidly obese and found herself searching desperately for a miracle pill that would keep the weight off for good. Having exhausted too many diets and weight loss programs to count, Ines was at her breaking point and ready to give up. Fortunately, a friend suggested that she try Fitbella, a natural and healthy way to lose weight.
The unique approach that Fitbella offers was just what Ines needed to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fitbella offers a spa-like atmosphere in which clients complete a tailored low impact workout followed by a detoxifying steam bath. The knowledgable and friendly staff at Fitbella, a weight loss and fitness center, have proven to be successful at providing a natural and healthy way for women to lose weight, get fit and live better.
If you are like Ines and can exercise every day at the gym with minimal to no results there is still hope. Don’t give up; the Fitbella method is unlike any other fitness program available in the area. You execute a customized personal workout inside a Fitcapsule, under the instruction of a trained Fitcoach. The Fitcapsule is a large capsule heated to 98 degrees, maximizing the benefits of reshaping the body. Working closely with the Fitcoach, you complete a combination of targeted muscle movements while the warmth reactivates the metabolism in about 30 minutes. One 20-30 minute workout in the Fitcapsule is equivalent to about an hour-and-a-half at a regular gym. After only 15 sessions, Ines has dropped 4 dress sizes by losing 12.5 inches and 14.5 pounds! She is finally optimistic about being able to maintain the results as well. Like many health conscious women, Ines doesn’t like the thought of having to take medications for illness that could be prevented by losing weight and keeping it off and she now truly believes that she will be able to do just that.
Following the workout, you relax in the Fitbath, a steam bath designed to detox, smooth, tighten and hydrate skin. When asked what her favorite part of the program she liked best, Ines replied, “I am loving it. All I do is a series of 16 low impact movements then take a nice shower and finally end my session with a nice steam bath. My trainer is a wonderful young lady so you can’t go wrong. Once you tried Fitbella there is no turning back. I am excited about the future. I want to live to see my granddaughter blossom into a beautiful young lady.”
During the initial visit, the Fitcoach will conduct a Fitcheck to aid in developing individualized workouts that specifically target certain trouble areas for each client. Every woman is unique and as such requires a unique approach to total body wellness. Proper nutrition is vital to the success of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Taking into consideration your current lifestyle, the Fitcoach will be able to recommend structured diets and nutritional guidance to ensure your success.
Fitbella is more than just a weight-loss method, it is a lifestyle. It is a natural healthy way for women to lose weight and be fit. “I don’t think there is an easier or better way to lose inches and pounds than the Fitbella Method. It is like going to a spa, not a gym, I find it very relaxing and the most beautiful way to lose weight. My goal is to get back to drop 7 more sizes and for the first time I believe it is possible!”
For more information about the Fitbella approach to total body wellness, contact Melissa Rabino at 775-0122 or email at pbg@fitbella.us.
Fitbella is located at 2401 PGA Blvd., Suite 128, Palm Beach Gardens, in the Harbour Financial Center. See fitbella.us, facebook.com/fitbellausa and on Twitter @fitbella_ usa.

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