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Is your hair color poisoning your body?

Is your hair color poisoning your body?75% of American women color their hair, of this 38 million women turn to a professional hairstylist to change the shade of their locks. In the past ammonia has been the only option in hair color to lighten or darken locks permanently. Previously, ammonia has been used in permanent hair color to give better, long lasting tint and allows for more significant color changes. Ammonia partially removes the natural color from the hair. It opens up the cuticle layer, which is at the surface of the hair strand, so that the color molecules can get in and effectively lifts out the natural hair pigment. For almost a century, ammonia has been largely responsible for hair color’s ability to alter natural hair color without washing out after only a few shampoos. This method of depositing tint to the hair has been commonly reported to have many side effects. Ammonia has fumes that can cause stinging the eyes and scalp, and of course there’s that distinctive odor…
Few people realize the serious risk of ammonia and how dangerous a chemical it actually is. There has been an explicit and notable transition of product ingredients away from ammonia to safer and more stable alternatives. The most egregious and dangerous use of ammonia is present in hair coloring products as the dangerous chemical is designed to apply directly to a human’s scalp where it will be absorbed into the pores, dermal, papilla, and follicles and goes into the bloodstream. That is not the only choice for long lasting hair color today. Ammonia-free hair color is a major technology break through that offers women and men healthier options to get their locks to the desired shade.
The major benefits of using ammonia free hair color are:
1. No Fumes
Ammonia free colors do not have fumes like its precursor made with ammonia. This new technology makes for a better environment for everyone including you and your stylist. Your lungs will thank you! And, there are no harsh side effects to your hair and skin keeping your hair healthy and shiny. And since there are no fumes, it’s not necessary to have fragrance added to the product. Dr. Anne Steinmann, and internationally recognized scientist who is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives and improve their working environment stated, “In my epidemiological studies, I found that nearly 30% of the US population experiences adverse health effects when they’re exposed to fragranced products “ *
2. Protects your Skeletal Skin
After using your hair product if you feel a burning sensation or itching then probably your skin is allergic to ammonia and you should change to ammonia free products as soon as possible. Continued use of these colors can have adverse effects on your skin. Sometimes ammonia containing products cause split ends. Ammonia free hair color is particularly beneficial for the people who have dry and frizzy hair.
3. Ammonia causes Sinusitis problems
Besides your skin, ammonia can be very harmful for the sinuses. The pungent smell of the hair color and fragrances added to ammonia based hair color may trigger sinusitis. Ammonia irritates the respiratory tract, and may also cause asthma and other breathing problems.
4. Ammonia-free colors work at a lower pH
The ammonia-free natural color slightly raises the pH to create an alkaline environment, working as a softening agent. It softens the cuticle while coloring the hair. This process makes sure that the ammonia-free color can work at a lower pH value than that of ammonia color. Therefore, protein and other vital nutrients of the hair are preserved. The ammonia free colors open up the strands of the hair so that it can easily penetrate and deposit its pigments.
Healthy Life Salon
Healthy Life Salon uses Schwarzkopf Essensity Permanent and Demi-Permanent Ammonia-free Hair Color and Blonding System. This line takes its ammonia-free color to a new level – Healthy Life Salon only uses color with no ammonia, silicone, sulfates, and artificial fragrances. The European line has out-standing color performance while being committed to a sustainable, free-from philosophy providing permanent ammonia-free oil color that is natural reflecting and intense colors, up to 100% white hair coverage and up to 4 levels of lift. The color stabilizes the hair structure during the coloring process for a healthy – looking color result and helps protect the hair against external influences for long-lasting color and natural shine. The Secret Lies in Phytolipid Technology. ESSENSITY Color is permanent ammonia-free oil-color with Phytolipid Technology which delivers real color results, natural intensity and pure softness while using natural ingredients. Synthetic ingredients were replaced with grape seed oil and other renewable naturally derived ingredients. Free from ammonia, silicones, sulfates and artificial fragrances. The combination of specially re-designed color pigment mixes and plant-based oils that contain lipids found in healthy-looking hair maximizes color performance and color longevity. To find out more about ammonia, fragrance, silicon, sulfate, PPD and mineral oil free hair products and hair color contact Juli Edwards at Healthy Life Salon 561-891-7527
Juli Edwards at Healthy Life Salon
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