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Look Beyond The Scale

Look Beyond The ScaleLosing weight is sometimes a difficult battle, chances are many of us have tried many different weight loss programs and may have even had some luck with losing a few pounds. Most have had a really hard time keeping it off long term. A weight loss program that incorporates as many scientific tools as possible helps optimize long-term weight loss success.
The idea of bio-individuality is that each person has his or her own nutritional needs. Every body is different. Examining your age, health, genetics, activity level, blood type, metabolic rate, and personal preferences will determine your dietary needs. In all cases delayed food allergy testing is used as well.
It is imperative to identify people’s food sensitivities.  Our immune system is designed to defend and repair. By eliminating problematic foods you are able to reduce inflammation and the increased load on your immune system, which is causing a repair deficit. Prolonged repair deficit prevents us from using our foods appropriately and ultimately keeps us from meeting our weight loss and health goals.
By identifying these sensitivities up front we can be more specific in food and supplement recommendations.  In order to pinpoint certain foods or chemicals that we are sensitive the LRA by ELISA/ACT Test is a scientific test that can help identify these sensitivities.  These tools create a very customized plan specific to your bodies’ needs. Unless we eliminate them from our diet we have a very difficult time maintaining or reaching our goal.
At MD BeautyLabs we can tailor a specific weight loss program incorporating lifestyle changes, diet, and appropriate supplements to aid in healthy weight loss to set you up for success. Only professional grade nutraceuticals are used in our clinic. Recommendations are based on vitamin deficiencies, initial health assessment questionnaire, Bio-impedance Analysis and sensitivity testing. The approach is to detoxify, repair, and rebuild the system to restore optimal health and wellness.
The process starts with an initial consultation followed by periodic follow up visits.  In addition, we utilize the latest state-of-the art equipment seca medical body composition analyzer (mbca) to measure precise values of fat-free muscle mass, body fat percentage, skeletal mass and much more. During the weight loss program we periodically check these parameters to assess your progress. It is critical to monitor changes in fat mass and lean mass rather than relying on simple changes in scale weight.
Gas, bloating, and belching after meals is not normal.  Neither is constant aching and pain in your joints. Eczema and psoriasis can be a result of delayed food sensitivities. Being tired all the time is really not a sign of aging. Take a look at the foods you’re eating – you’ll be surprised to find the foods you react to are the ones you’re exposed to the most. Remember we are what we eat but we’re only as good as what we can digest!
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