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Make 2014 The Year You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals:

If you are like millions of Americans, you will set a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.  It is the number one reported resolution for 2013.
And for good reason, we Americans are growing in width not height.  Obesity has been deemed an epidemic in our country and its related ailments are decreasing quality of life and bringing forth a multitude of life-altering health issues including diabetes, heart disease, orthopedic injury, hypertension, and stroke risk.
Unfortunately, 55% of New Year’s resolvers have let go of their goals by June.  Most of those with weight loss goals find the feat very difficult to maintain and the choices of weight loss programs overwhelming.  To ensure your success make sure you are using the right formula to achieve your results.  While exercise is integral for long term weight management and health, it accounts for only 10% of weight lost.  Weight loss is 90% diet and 10% exercise.  Choosing the right weight loss program entails knowing the way to effectively lose fat, retain integral muscle and organ tissues.
Many people looking to lose weight get fit and maintain lean body mass turn to the Ideal Protein Diet. By following a high-protein, calorie and carbohydrate-restricted diet, this is an attainable goal. Is the Ideal Protein Diet your key to reach Your New Year’s Resolution?
What Is the Ideal Protein Diet Method?
The Ideal Protein Diet was developed by medical doctor, Tran Tien Chanh, MD, PhD. It was designed 25 years ago as a means of preserving lean body mass, including muscles, bones and other tissues, while losing fat. The diet’s designer spent his career specializing in the treatment of obesity and obesity-related disease.
The Theory behind the Ideal Protein Diet
During his years of treating obesity, Dr. Chanh found the biggest source of weight problems were rooted in the body’s dysfunctional use of insulin. Insulin dysfunction starts in human beings by excessive intake of simple carbohydrates, processed foods, sugar and saturated fat.
According to Dr. Tran Tien, this type of diet leads to an ever-increasing cycle of increased sugar and fat cravings, which lead to weight gain, which leads to poor insulin function. All of this then circles back on itself in a worsening spiral of weight gain and poor health.
Ideal Protein is designed to break this cycle by limiting carbohydrate and sugar intake, supplementing with important electrolytes and vitamins and teaching the body to live off its stored fat. To accomplish this, Dr. Tran Tien developed a line of adequate protein, low-fat, low-carbohydrate products that people eat along with healthy food options like leafy green vegetables and lean protein.
What to Expect
You can lose on average 2 up to 3 pounds per week and on 4 up to 5 pounds for men. These results are measurable, predictable and repeatable. Those on the diet confirm that, provided you follow the diet exactly, this is a realistic goal, and increased energy is a bonus. The diet even provides advice for how to handle the slip-ups that naturally occur as a part of the weight loss and maintenance process.  You will also learn how to eat once your weight loss goals are achieved.
Ideal Protein Approach:
• It has been an effective weight loss solution for 25 years
• Ideal Protein helps lose body weight quickly
• The program is administered under the supervision of health professionals
• Weight loss is targeted towards fat rather than muscles
• Eliminates sugar from the body which is a proven technique to lose weight
• Ideal protein recipes offer you different types of meals to choose from
To learn more about the Ideal Protein plan and achieve your New Year’s resolution contact Elevation Health at 561-203-7945.
Ideal Protein Provides Dieters with Continuing Education as well as Private and Public Lectures on Weight Loss & Nutrition.  Contact us today 561-203-7945
Most dieters know weight loss is possible given adequate motivation and circumstances. However, according to the National Institutes of Health, there is a strong tendency to regain weight after dieting. This is why Ideal Protein is a comprehensive weight loss method – not just a simple product! Maintaining a stable weight after dieting often requires changes to your lifestyle habits. This is why Ideal Protein strongly emphasizes education and understanding. You must learn to eat “smarter” or risk regaining your lost weight. Therefore, when you begin our program you will be assigned a personal weight loss coach. Your coach will assist you through each of the 4 phases of the Ideal Protein method.
Dr. Sandy McLean
Weight Loss Coach, Motivation and Natural Health Speaker and Chiropractor

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