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New Technology Helps Rejuvenate Aging Bones & Muscles

By Bruce R. Dooley, M.D. –
New Technology Helps Rejuvenate Aging Bones & MusclesDr. Bruce here and if you’re like us, you don’t view aging as something to be dreaded, but rather as an opportunity to enjoy life while making use of all that hard-won wisdom. My personal hero was fitness, exercise and nutritional expert Jack Lalanne, whose daily workouts kept him strong, healthy and robust into his late 90s.  Most folks today have neither the time nor ambition to follow his lead.
But just imagine if there was a safe, simple, 100% effortless way to help turn back the clock on your body’s muscles and bones. To undo the physical damage and deterioration the years have taken on your skeletal system. To actually feel younger, stronger and rejuvenated in ways you never thought possible. And all while doing nothing more strenuous than simply standing in place.
The future of preventive, non-invasive medicine
Admittedly, it sounds too good to be true. But trust me, it’s for real. I want to introduce you to a device that is on its way to transforming the health and well-being of countless people all over the word.  It is called the JUVENT 1000 and it looks like this.
Yes, I agree, it looks like an oversized digital bathroom scale – but it’s so much more. And here’s the amazing thing: If you’ve got the ability to simply stand upright for 10 to 20 minutes or so daily, then the JUVENT 1000 can do as much – or even more – for you as it’s done for others just like you.
How the JUVENT 1000 works
I found the explanation to be incredibly simple: When you stand on the JUVENT 1000, it delivers a biomechanical stimulation called Dynamic Motion Therapy (DMT). It is Russian technology, which interested me for two reasons: (1) The Russians have always been into alternative therapies, and (2) My wife is a Russian, so I better like it!
In the past decade, the efficacy and health benefits of DMT have been proven — and repeatedly replicated — in research studies and clinical trials all over the world.
In simple terms, this means that through gentle, micro-impacts delivered up from your feet and throughout your entire body, DMT promotes healthful blood and lymphatic circulation to your bones and muscles. The great thing about this for you, the user, is that you barely feel the stimulation as your body responds.  Even so, the health benefits are nothing short of vital.
Why the JUVENT 1000 is so important
What the body tends to lose naturally through the aging process – bone density and muscle mass – the JUVENT 1000 helps restore. Why is bone density and muscle mass so important to us, especially as we age? Because those are two of the most important components of your body’s ability to remain mobile and independent. If you follow trends in the health and fitness worlds as I do, then you may have heard the term “functional strength.”  What functional strength means, especially as we get older, is      the ability to continue performing life’s everyday tasks – getting in and out of a chair or car; carrying groceries; cleaning the house and doing laundry; safely stepping onto and off of a curb; negotiating stairways, etc.
Researchers in physiology and gerontology have proven that, if we don’t force our bodies to perform weight-bearing, impact activities regularly, then we lose significant amounts of bone density, muscle mass and balance with every passing decade of adulthood. By the time we reach our 60s, 70s and 80s, bone density and muscle mass — if not maintained — can be reduced some 80 to 90 percent below optimum levels.
When we let this happen — and it is avoidable — we begin to lose our independence. We become more home-bound and dependent on others. We’re also at greater risk for serious — and, again, avoidable! — injury.  Most orthopedic rehab specialists will cite loss of balance, bone density and muscle mass as the culprits in most slip-and-fall accidents of seniors and the elderly.
Regularly using the JUVENT 1000 and this DMT system’s technology appears to significantly and safely help to alleviate those concerns.
Great for athletes too!
If you’re already a fit, active person – maybe you golf or play tennis regularly, cycle with a group, bowl a few times a week in a league, or perhaps you just keep busy with your kids and grandkids — can you benefit from this technology?  Absolutely.
You’ll remember how I explained DMT promotes better blood flow throughout the muscular and skeletal system?  Well, the same way that increased blood flow helps stave off loss of bone density and muscle mass, it also helps the body heal and recover more quickly after exertion. Also, it helps lessen the pain associated with past athletic injuries, and mitigates the effects of arthritis and other degenerative joint conditions.
In other words, there’s no one who can’t benefit from JUVENT’s micro-impact!
From professional athletes (including the current football starting center Eric Wood and former PGA touring pro David Leadbetter) to weekend warriors to sedentary retirees, the JUVENT 1000 transformed how they feel, how they perform and how they live. I want you to get into this group! I am so fortunate to have a JUVENT 1000 machine at my functional medical center in Jupiter and am offering FREE trials throughout January and February so you can experience it. Please call Advanced Natural Medicine at 561-744-2724 and we’ll fit you right in!
Bruce R. Dooley, M.D., an integrative health specialist for more than a quarter-century, is offering free 20-minute sessions on the Juvent 1000 so you can test the effects of its patented Dynamic Motion Therapy (DMT). For more information, call Advanced Natural Medicine at (561)-744-2724 or log onto
“Two years after a pelvic fracture, my pain resurfaced and was turning me into a bedridden person, only capable of walking a few hours a day with a cane. The pain was unbearable.  Medication didn’t help either. Then I tried the JUVENT 1000 and in just weeks I was able to walk pain-free. Thank you JUVENT! You are a friend for life!”
– Earla S., Tequesta
“JUVENT has given me the fountain of youth for life. It has truly worked miracles for me.
My balance is better, and my formerly chronic, excruciating arthritis has been reduced to mild, infrequent flare-ups. At 67, I feel better now than I did in my 40s. Thank you, JUVENT.”
— Arlene McKitrick, top female
amateur golfer
“JUVENT has eliminated my knee pain, and is a great addition to any golfer’s routine.”
– David Leadbetter, one of the world’s top professional golf instructors

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