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New Year, New You

Whether you want to lose weight or simply work on improving your strength and balance, there is a class for everyone at Ultima Downtown.  Ultima’s group fitness program is headed by Group Fintess Director, Patti Wilmoth.  Having worked at the Clematis and Dixie landmark for over 18 years, Patti is a true Ultima veteran.
Ultima Downtown strives to offer their members only the best in group fitness.  In December 2013, the fitness trend ‘Barre Physique’ was added to the broad schedule, accompanying classes such as Zumba, HIIT Fusion, Step, Body Cycle, Yoga and more.  Barre Physique is a ballet bar class that incorporates elements of dance, yoga and Pilates in a cardio strength format leaving you feel strong, centered and balanced.
“What separates us from other fitness facilities in the area is that we offer three different group fitness schedules holding classes in four different studios,” says Wilmoth.  Classes scheduled on the Group Fitness Schedule are held in the Group Fitness Studio in addition to the Spin Studio.  Camp Ultima, Ultima’s newest concept membership, allows you to reap the benefits of a personal trainer in a group setting – all in Camp Ultima’s very own private facility and Ultima’s Fight Club.
In November 2013, Ultima unveiled their third and newest fitness schedule: Fitness on Request.  “Fitness on Request is a virtual program that allows us to schedule classes in addition to our live instructor-led classes,” says Owner, Michael Platt.  “We want to accommodate all of our members; this program gives us the ability to have group fitness classes scheduled almost every hour of the day.”
Additionally, Ultima recently opened their doors to Silver Sneakers members.  Silver Sneakers is a fitness program many health plans offer to people eligible for Medicare.  The customized Silver Sneakers classes are designed exclusively for older adults who want to improve their strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.  “Becoming a host of the Silver Sneakers program was just another opportunity for Ultima to help the West Palm Beach community at large,” says Business and Marketing Director, Kelly Colbath.  “We want to spread the message that at Ultima we welcome everyone regardless of age or abilty.”
Interested in seeing what Ultima is all about?  See page 7 for a seven day pass!
Not every person was born to perform in a large group setting in front of a live instructor. Fitness on Request creates a unique opportunity for Ultima to leverage down time and non-peak hours in the Group Exercise Studio to accommodate members who would prefer to workout in a less intimidating setting.
With a wide variety of classes scheduled, Fitness on Request is sure to offer a class that works on your schedule, at your fitness level, and in your comfort zone.  Each class will automatically start at the designated time. The motorized screen will lower and the on-screen instructor starts the class. When the class is finished, the system automatically powers down—it’s so simple!
“We are the only club in South Florida to have this kind of technology,” says Business and Marketing Director, Kelly Colbath.
The Fitness on Request program is open for all members and guests, even Ultima’s basic membership holders.
“We truly believe our members and guests deserve the best; the classes in this program are led by the nation’s top fitness professionals… our management team has done a fantastic job putting together a great schedule with a wide variety of class types, lengths and levels.” Colbath continued.
The adoption of the Fitness on Request program shows Ultima’s continued commitment to provide the best in health and fitness.
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