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How can you plan for the inheritance of a disabled child in order to preserve their ability to receive government benefits?
Do you have a disabled child who will be inheriting from your estate?
Does this disabled child receive government benefits?

PLANNING FOR THE INHERITANCE OF A DISABlED CHllD Many families are not aware that once a disabled child (minor or adult), who is receiving government benefits, receives an inheritance all their government benefits will be stopped until the inheritance is spent down.

All parents worry about what will happen to their children after they die. Parents of adult children with a chronic disability have an additional concern: whether the child will have financial security.

Additionally, many families are not aware that with proper planning through a Third-Party Special Needs Trust the loss of government benefits can be avoided.
The disabled child can utilize their inheritance to provide for their health, maintenance, education and support. The Trusted Law Office welcomes you to contact us at (561) 998-6039 to schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your specific planning needs.

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