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Reversing Gum Recession: Scalpel FREE, Suture FREE, Graft FREE

Reversing Gum Recession:Gum recession is very common among patients for a variety of reasons. Recession can occur due to genetics, past orthodontics (braces), tooth shifting, infrequent dental hygiene appointments, inflammation and aggressive tooth brushing (among others).
Recession is the loss of the gum tissue that covers the root portion of the tooth. The gum tissue protects both the tooth itself, along with the supporting jaw bone. If the gum starts to recede, the underlying bone will start to resorb as well. This change can lead to significant issues such as tooth loosening, tooth loss, jaw bone loss, root cavities (that frequently lead to the need for root canals), longer looking teeth and tooth sensitivity.
Traditional Gum Grafting:
Traditional therapy for treating gum recession is called “gum grafting”. The technique typically involves surgically taking tissue from one part of the oral cavity (typically the roof of the mouth) and transplanting it to the area where gum tissue has receded. More specifically, the area that has recession is opened surgically. Tissue is then removed from the “donor” location in the mouth and sutured in place where the recession has occurred. If there is a large area of recession, multiple areas in the mouth may be needed as donor sites, in order to collect a sufficient amount of tissue to treat the recession. In some cases, tissue from a tissue bank can be used in place of surgically removing tissue from another location in the mouth.
Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation:
A new procedure, similar to a laparoscopic technique, has been developed with over 10 years of research showing its effectiveness in treating gum recession. This procedure is performed by making a small pinhole in the gum tissue. Using specially designed instruments, the gum tissue is loosened and guided over the receded part of the tooth. There is no incision, suturing or tissue graft placement. Due to this fact, patients can expect minimal post-operative symptoms (pain, swelling and bleeding). Most patients also are pleasantly surprised by the instant cosmetic improvement. The technique is also known as the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) and the “Lunchtime Gum Lift”. The procedure has been featured on “The Doctors Show”, “Dr. Steve Show”, “ABC”, “NBC”, and over 240 stations across the United States and Canada.
This procedure has helped treat thousands of patients with gum recession. Our patients have been extremely satisfied with both the immediate cosmetic results and quick recovery because no scalpel or sutures were used. An evaluation by a Certified Pinhole Technique Clinician can help determine if your recession can effectively be treated by this amazing, non-invasive therapy.
For More Information and an animation of the treatment please see: www.PinholeSurgicalTechniquePalmBeach.com

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